December was a bad month for blogging

Howdy everyone I’m just writing a quick post letting everyone know I haven’t gone anywhere. It’s been Christmas need I really say more?

Mom was up visiting my husband has been off, shopping, decorating, and well  just general holiday busyness.

I started a lot of posts but never finished them. So I think through out January I will go over them. I keep saying that but the result is usually they will sit in the forgotten section of draft posts no one will ever see- so I make no promises. Angel fish are not very well known for getting back to things I usually just move forward.

For Christmas I got a beer making kit from my mother. I’ve been wanting to make my own beer for YEARS!!! Now I have the unique opportunity of a whole new project I might be blogging a good deal about it in months to come. I’m currently working on my very first batch of Hefewiezen.

Though my interest in fermenting things actually is more then just beer.
See I have a garden, and my dilemma with the blackberries and other fruits I grow is I always have to toss so much of them out. My theory is if I could ferment the fruit with a low alcohol content I could preserve them forever- or at least into the winter season. Sure there’s canning methods, but honestly fermenting things in bulk is a lot cheaper and easier. Plus the alcohol helps pull the flavor into what ever I cook as it burns away. It’s just safer more efficient less BS and of course just a theory. We will see won’t we.

Other then that Angel fish is back in the blogging game. It’s been awhile so I’m just saying Hello.


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