Of swine and apple carts

Absolutely correct article about the bible

A Christmas Child's Journey

Since there’s an interlude, I think I’ll do my first proper bellyaching post.

So, this virulent, atheistic Western culture that says people should only accept what they can see and compute to the exclusion of all subjective or non-empirical experience – it really gets up my nose. Should the world run out of wasabi one day, they could try bottling and selling that stuff instead.

wasabi roll 



It’ll give new meaning to the expression, “This tastes unbelievable.”




Mind you, I’m not saying I’ve only encountered atheists since moving to my current country of residence, and I have come across unbelief in Asian circles before. But I’m used to people being open to spiritual things more often than not, so I don’t like it when certain parties take it into their heads to spew their vitriol just because they enjoy the convenience of not knowing what they’re talking about.

First, I want to say to the people who think the Bible is just allegory, myth, symbolic, a collection of Middle Eastern fairy tales, what-have-you, that it’s just not true. The Bible is a…

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