Book of Enoch and other Apocrypha

I have to say I am a little taken back by many Christians who rebuke the “Books left out of the Bible”. At the same time I find myself scratching my head at those who look into things like “The Book of Enoch” but reject the rest of the Bible that’s published. One of the things I found while reading the book of Enoch was 90% is a direct address to UFO, New Age, and all types of believers in self serving imaginations. 90% of the book isn’t black Holes, interstellar travel, and amazingness- no 90% of it very plainly tells them “Your going to hell if you keep rejecting me”. The 10% people look for is simply God proving to you he made such things and he wants you to be saved by Christ (it even includes a prophetic vision of Christ). It says it right from the beginning “This is for the last generation” It goes on to tell us God is sending a letter of address to all the wicked that reject his word. So here I see the UFO crowd coming out of the wood work to read this fragment of the bible looking for Black holes and everything else… Hmmm who do you think God is addressing in his letter? Amazingly after being lost for so long, the book emerges just out of nowhere- addressing the right people at just about the right time beginning with the statement:

The words of the blessing of Enoch, wherewith he blessed the elect and righteous, who will be living in the day of tribulation, when all the wicked and godless are to be removed . . . not for this generation, but for a remote one which is for to come. (Enoch 1:1-3.).

Is the book credible? I for one am convinced it is, simply because the book itself is a self fulfilling prophecy- However I’m not convinced every work of apocrypha is credibly from God or his messengers. Take for example “The Book of Judas”, the very title is a dead giveaway, though not so much in the way people tend to think. The story of Jesus comes to us from the books Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The name of those 4 books is whats relevant. These 4 were Jesus’s disciples, they lived through the whole thing – and after Jesus resurrected they sat down and wrote, in their own words, the story of the life of Jesus. The curious thing with the Book of Judas is- he hung himself after he betrayed Jesus so  he could not have written the book. How can someone write the story of their own death while hanging themselves? Better yet who took the book from Judas to pass it on? the only friends he had (the other 11 disciples) made no secret how much they didnt like Judas along Jesus’s ministry- Why would they like him after the fact he nailed him on a cross? The book of Judas just doesn’t make sense to consider credible.

There is other texts like “Shepard of Hermas” and “Jubilees” with varying degrees of credibility- But honestly I can see why the books chosen to be in the bible were chosen. First, these books (genesis to revelation) were clearly not corrupted by gnostic influence, which at the time was a very real threat to the church. (see “Against Heresies” by Irenaeus). Second, there were not redundant unto each other. Jubilees for the most part just repeats Genesis and the laws given by Moses, its plain to see it wasn’t necessary –  the information is already in the Bible. Third, its central to only God and his messengers, some of these other texts go into just everyday people (which is nice, but ultimately it doesn’t lead on to any kind of point. Imagine a story of a bronze age guy picking his nose- it goes no where fast). Third, some of the texts are just genuine nonsense, Literally. Text message in ancient days consisted of people writing on clay tablets and sending a short message via a messenger boy running across town. Essentially someone dug up “Wht R U doing lol” and the response “im goin 2 church, u?”- thats all very nice and well but it doesn’t go in the bible for a reason. Fourth there are the gnostic texts these are very satanic. They promote things like secret orders and hidden mysteries to “Become like God”, which is exactly the kind of satanic message that has no place in the Bible. Books like “The Second Revelation of John” talks a great deal about trans humanism only available to a secret elect (whom is too special from the rest of the rif raf), litterally this is called today “illuminati”, however back then this idea was called Gnosticism (it should be self evident Gnosticism is evil considering most of your feelings about Illuminati, but anyway). While some will argue this point the truth about the bible we have now opposes everything illuminatti or gnosticism is or tries to promote, hence why illuminati hates Christians so much- we are too defiant against such secrete orders always have been (see the protestant reformation). Fifth, They tend to add up a lot of contradictions. Either contradictions in themselves or contradictions to other books. What this suggests is the author had a limited knowledge of scripture when they set out to write more or less a “Historical Fiction”. Lastly, from the early church texts like “Shepard of Hermas” they tend to read more like sermon notes an ancient pastor used- inspired by God sure, but nothing so direct of his hand at work. While I like some of these apocrypha texts, I can plainly see the context and criteria set in why they were left out.

The Stitch work of the Bible

From a good deal of reading into some apocrypha I can see the mechanics at play with the current version. Interestingly I can see why Catholics have some of their traditions that are seemingly not in the Bible – If anything at all it’s plain to see people don’t do things for no reason. However, when the Bible was “Stitched” and “patched” together I’m amazed how many people think the motives to leave these books out was to cover up some deep dark secrete of the Vatican. At the time Christians were being feed to lions in the Colosseum, and books were not sold all together. They had to search for individual scrolls in essentially a black market setting in order to find the books to put in the Bible. After they swept through the ancient world for all the scrolls, they had to sit down and decide which books were real, forgeries, junk, and other… Essentially 400 years worth of junk to sift through just to put a single book together. At the same time they had to be very mindful of Gnostic influence disrupting the texts being another odyssey of itself. The first obvious “Patchwork” they did was simply putting the torah together from the jews (as the jews themselves gave it to them). They then “stitched” in direct letters from the disciples. Making up the new and old testament.  Since most apocrypha is clearly junk I would say the church fathers did an excellent job with the task at hand, but they did play it a little safe- the word was preserved well.

Not to mention the assumption the Bible’s credibility relies solely on the Vatican is a foolish idea. Beside the fact there wasn’t a Vatican at the time to have any secrets to cover up. The KJV bible itself comes from 2 primary sources (other then the jewish torah) Greece and Rome- at a time when these 2 countries split off from each other in more or less a 2 state solution. Neither the Greek or Roman church had any interest or loyalty to another yet they both took copies of the same scrolls and copied them down into one convenient book. More then that places like Ethiopia, Syria, and even India did the same thing- having little ties to the Roman and Greek churches. Even today we can read one of the original bibles and it still translates the same as KJV its called Codex Sinaiticus (from the greeks) but more then that we can compare Codex Sinaiticus to the Ethiopian bible and still come up with the same translation. While Ethiopians felt some apocrypha texts were important enough to include, they really only put the other texts into practice. The only thing we can conclude is the Bibles credibility rests in itself- not the Vatican or the orthodox church.


I would’nt say the “Lost Books of the Bible” are particularly abominations, or forbidden to Christians. However I do think in the hands of someone who lacks discernment or ability for constructive reasoning (stupid), these books are a huge distraction. Im betting most who read this junk will never go into the bible we have published already- as they take every opportunity to reject God. (the hypocrisy is amusing). Though I have seen many who came to christ as a result of reading such books like “Enoch” or “the books of Adam and Eve”. The books are simply a variety of extras, kinda like your cell phone. Some apps you actually use, the rest is bloatware that sits in the background sucking up your battery. When the church fathers put the bible into one convenient book, they simply left out the bloatware. That is not to say the texts aren’t interesting. I myself kinda like the “Shepard of Hermas” I think it’s an interesting look into the way the early church preached the gospel. I think alot of some texts have an interesting insight in history, while others (if for anything) make a good story. However I see nothing in the way of ‘Profound Impact’ on the message of salvation or for the matter, evidence the bible is wrong.

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