Where Inspiration Comes From

Inspiration for me comes in many ways. Sometimes it comes from a painting, others it comes from a youtube video, sometimes a facebook post, sometimes something someone said, a book, or random thing my dog does… When I started this blog I didnt know anything about having a blog or web design, nor did I mean for it to be entirely dominated by Christianity. I was simply going to write about things I enjoyed… As time went on it turns out, I only enjoy writing about God! I make no apologies for it either! Yes I was going to do a whole section on Aquariums and Fish tank care. Throw in some recipes of the best food I ever ate. This site was literally supposed to be about completely random things. So how did this happen that my website is entirely Christian based?

Well I dont rightly know to be honest, it just sorta led to that. I felt the sense of urgency to shout out about Jesus on a variety of topics. I cant help it I dont know how to stop seeing god in everything and Loving him so much for everything. I wake up the first thought is “jesus”, i go to sleep and I think “jesus”, I see someone suffering I think “Jesus”, I watch I love lucy on tv and think “Jesus”… its like a crazy addiction :-p I prayed to god to cure me of it, but he told me I have already have been cured!!

nope I don’t regret as of yet I never got to that post about the nitrogen cycle, or tank filtration… my guess is some of you don’t regret it either HaHa. All I can say is I feel like I’ve seen the spirit work through me, and I pray it continues to work through me. If I write 15000 posts about God on this website only to reach just 1 person I would consider it a honor I was successful to serve God. Needless to say I will only continue to write about things that inspire me- and what has been proven to be the source of my inspiration, my father.


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