Prayer Request PLEASE!!

Prayer request for 90 south highway going into Buffalo Ny. Over 120 people (including trucks and snow plows) are completely traped in by snow for the past 27 hours. The national guard is having trouble getting to them. Lost, freezing and buried, the 4 to 6 feet of snow just dumped on them out of no where. 4 people died already, and Tim Hortons Coffee is passing out coffee and setting up cots in the store to help. Total strangers are trying to come in Bringing Food and blankets, Slowly bringing people off the highway to help – but their snow mobiles are getting stuck. While the national guard can’t help much just now we know God can get to them no problem and send in his Mechanics to keep those peoples heaters working!!

Lord keep those people safe and warm, don’t let their cars stall until at least help can come. Their family is worried so please ease their minds and bring them comfort. And please bless the coffee shop taking people in on cots and passing out free coffee to help. Bless those strangers snow mobiles so they can help as many people as possible. Keep the 4 who died already safe in your kingdom. Amen


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