By: Donnie Echols

(copied here so this piece isnt lost on facebook, where it was originally published June 18, 2011)

The doctrine of Serpent seed, dual seed or two-seedline is a controversial doctrine according to which the serpent in the Garden of Eden mated with Eve, and the offspring of their union was Cain. This belief is still held by some adherents of the Christian Identity theology, who claim that the Jews, as descendants of Cain, are also descended from the serpent.

The doctrine was made popular by William Branham, who died in 1965. He started to teach this doctrine late in his ministry & even predicted that Jesus would return in 1977. He said Jesus said no man knew but that He didn’t say no man could know. He also made a famous prophecy that “the city of Los Angeles would ‘sink beneath the ocean'” and that a tidal wave would sweep inland as far as the Salton Sea before his son, Billy Paul was old. Today, Billy Paul is 75 years old. He believed that certain promises of scripture were expressly fulfilled by his ministry. He believed he was the 7th angel that opens the seventh seal in Revelation!

Branham was in an auto accident with a drunk driver & lived for 6 days after the crash, but passed away on December 24, 1965. Branham was buried four months later because some of his followers predicted he would return to life during Easter, the following year.

Believe it or not, there are still people that follow this man today. Following his belief system is called Branhamism. There are many groups today that follow this man’s teachings and celebrate him as a great prophet. The people and ministries that currently support this mans thinking are as follows:

Todd Bentley has claimed to be the second coming of William Branham. Paul Cain referred to Branham as the “greatest prophet who ever lived in this century”. John Crowder claims to literally go back in time to a meeting being conducted by William Branham.

“I began to float down, my body began to go literally through the ceiling, and I saw William Branham ministering. As I began to hover, I was hovering over the crowd, I was coming in from the heights, and as I passed the pupit where William Branham was ministering, he turned towards me and literally threw a lightning bolt right at me – bam! – and the lightning bolt hit me – bam! – and from that encounter forward I began having interactions with the angels like I’ve never had before.”

Paul Keith Davis, follower of Bob Jones, have now commissioned William Branham as the prototype of what the Church should be. Ian Clayton teaches the serpent seed doctrine. Rick Joyner identifies William Branham as a prophet, but does not follow his teachings. Kenneth Hagin is said to be a contemporary of both Branham & Cain. Adolf Hitler even embraced this theology, believing the Jews were of the serpent seed lineage. There many other known names of ministers that embrace Branham, but I didn’t wanna look them all up. The rabbit hole goes much much deeper than even this.

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