VeggieTales New Look


I realize I am now 27 but I still LOVE Veggie Tales!!!

That being said the producers feel this is “more modern”, I don’t see what they’re talking about. This isn’t modern at all, it’s cheap and creepy at best. The old look might be 20 years old but it’s still more modern looking then most cartoons today. What does that say for most “modern” cartoons I wonder? Veggie Tales was clearly well ahead of its time, hence its popularity.Yeah I feel bad for this new generation coming up, they’re getting sold short.

What ever happened to the days of “God made you special and he loves you very much” What happened to the times of “You don’t have to change for others, I made you perfect just the way you are.“? Is Veggie Tales prepared to do a show telling kids all of that goes out the door with corporate take overs and contract renegotiation?

How can I put this any better:

“VeggieTales PEAS don’t do this. . . If you CARROT all about your fans you will LETTUCE decide to keep the veggies the same as they’ve always BEAN. You can’t BEET the classic look.”- unknown fan

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