1000th Visitor!!!

The BIG 1 3-Zero!!! Yup I’m happy, just saying. This post is really more a personal marker. So to celebrate I’ll do a detailed behind the scenes look of whats to come for Angel Fish Blog.

1. Can I tell you a tiny tiny secret. I dont really like Christian Warriors pt 4- “Satan Toolbox” it’s kinda sloppy and truthfully I kinda rushed it because I didnt really want to talk about satan to begin with. That and it was like a month since I finished pt 3 of the series it had to get done at some point. Truthfully, from what I see on Google plus im a little surprised the series seemed to be well received. Satan’s tool box, I feel, is lacking and undeserving of the whole series. So some edits coming soon feedback welcomed, My email address is Angelfishblog@gmail.com

2. I kinda want to shift focus a bit, getting more into history. Its been nice posting some basics of Christianity, but I feel like I need some more meat then milk. Then again I also want to branch out more into creationist science. Maybe sprinkle in that something light a fluffy. I still have 12 secret draft posts I’m playing with at the moment that may be up and coming soon.

3. At some point soon I’ll be posting an easy fun and incredibly AWESOME DIY project…. All I’m saying for now is it has to do with Aquariums… That section of the blog sadly has been completely ignored- I’d like to thicken it up a bit and give it a POW!!

4. Ancient Works Library will be getting the rest of the books of “Against Heresies” by Iranaeous. But that whole section will be a constant work in effort- possibly never ending. There are some other books I’m thinking about, but just get one done at a time. I don’t feel I need to add the whole of the bible to it, considering I have a christian Viewership- I suspect you all already have one (preferably read it) :-p

5. I’m debating going pro, I dont know. it’s only $100 and I know most people dont know anything about AdBlock, i have no Idea what ads are running on this site (I have AdBlock) but i’m sure some of you would appreciate not seeing them… I’m trying to lay it on pretty thick here so I’ll just out right and say it, Get AdBlock– not just for my site but it also blocks ads on youtube, facebook and everywhere else. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AdBlock Your Welcome. But yeah not sure about going pro though, I haven’t seen a otherwise major incentive. The free version pretty much suits my purposes thus far though I would like to support WordPress for all their hard work.

6. “Join the Angel Fish School” seems to be a bad name for a place to put the Email, Twitter and Facebook link…. I was thinking like a fish, and the social thing of a school of fish.. Facebook and twitter HEHE.. yeah try to be creative with people it goes over their head. It’s going to be simply “Connect“- not really looking for a big following but still, I do post there regularly with every new segment. I thought it be nice way to get updates, since not everyone is on word press or in the reader.

7. That “List of Contents” section may actually get organized in some kind of way- along with a makeover!!!

8. I saved the best for last Angel Fish blog is available as an app for Android devices 😀 Thats right and its free of charge. Take me with you anywhere.  The main reason I did this was for the Ancient Works Library, it just makes it easier to read. no adware, no battery kill, no unnecessary updates, and it doesn’t run in the background!! All of my content is easily accessible for your Android device, just need wifi connection. Simply look under “Connect

So that should tie you over until the next BIG update which might be the 2000th viewer. As always I will continue to blog with exciting new content, I’d like to thank God, WordPress, Google for helping me figure out this website, The Academy, and so very importantly- Viewers like You. Thank You for making this post possible.

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