The Scythians

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A curious group of people around the first century is the Scythians.  Amazingly most of Europe is directly related to them, yet all historical accounts of them is short and vague at best. Theres 1 verse in the bible about them,  a short chapter from Herodotus, and handful of written rumors about them from ambiguous Roman sources…  thats about it, what a tragic loss of our origins.

Here is what we know as far as their migration and relevance to Europe. It starts with the Hittite empire in western turkey. At some point shortly after the empire fell people from Lydia and Troy left and headed north of the Black and Caspian sea. They called themselves Scythia  and were pretty sophisticated for just barbarians.  The nation didn’t last long about 500 +/- years when they headed north through Ukraine to Sweden and Norway. There they became known as The Vikings…

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