Evangelist Anita Fuentes- false teacher

** Update Dec 31, 2014: there is a part 2 to this that is more current, Anita Fuentes False Watcher on the Wall**

One of the people I followed for a good year or so truely has proven herself a sensationalist. Yup Anita Fuentes. Most of her critics talk about how shes always asking for money, How she blocks people that dont agree with her on her facebook page, and general annoyances of which is somewhat understandable on her part. What I see with her is she has really shift gears the past 6 months or so. She used to have credible news articles, she used to give pretty decent sermons- lately though I’ve seen her spin the bible around to suit news articles in every possible nonsense way to get a thumbs up.

Should she be reading this I want her to know she needs to get back to what she was doing before. I realize she has her reasons for doing livestream, but with quantity of viewers she sacrifices quality of what she has to say. At the same time what she has to say is so often wayyy off the mark of the bible. The lady who once always shouted “Quoting the bible out of context” Is now very much guilty of the same thing. Many of these things I will get into at the end. in addition, no longer does she fact check her sources- now it seems she promotes any asinine thing that sounds evil but more often, its just ridiculous. Lets point to a few examples taken from her youtube:

“SHEMITAH – A Nation Under Judgment 9/25/10”

What anita fails at here is explaining to christians what the ‘Shemitah’ actually is. It has nothing to do with judgement its a year debts are erased… Instead of explaining what the biblical interpretation is, she assumes Jonathan Cahn has all the answers. Interestingly enough Jonathan Cahngoes on to twisting the bible around well out of context himself. While the theory might seem pretty credible something christians are not educated on is the ‘Scemitah’ or ‘Jubelees’- thus we found someone to hijack it into anything they want it to mean. More importantly, she endlessly promotes this elusive take on the bible instead of ever addressing the bible itself. Why not? because dear ones this is what is known as “Profiteering Propaganda”. I can make the bible say anything but If I want to profit on it, its gonna need an interesting spin. Thats what we see here.

“7 Days after Shemitah Dow Jones Drops AGAIN almost 300 POINTS! 10/2/14″

From an investor prospective, the stock market has always gone up and down- this includes the Dow Jones. What most non investors don’t know about the stock market is Usually the markets drop on Wednesdays and pick up again Fridays and Mondays… This isn’t coincidence there’s a lot of reasons for this, mostly because companies buy at the beginning and end of the week and sell somewhere in the middle. It’s such a noticeable thing to anyone who has watched the stock market long enough plan their investments in accordance with it. 300 point drop is not that uncommon, usually its pretty welcomed by investors. It means the market drops Wednesday so buy on Thursday, sell again on Monday. However, I assume she herself doesnt know this- I also assume most people dont know this because they havnt had a reason to pay attention to it. But how it is used here is to further support the Shemitah theory, as anyone can see The Dow jones keeps fluctuating like this throughout the week. The fact is you can make anything so commonplace look like anything, thats exactly what shes doing here.

“Israel wants 7 year Peace Agreement… 8/21/14″

Interesting how this sounds remarkably like “jacobs trouble” in the bible… The problem is Israel said no such thing- at the time they were in the middle of blowing up Hamas in the gaza strip. Peace talks were common though always broken by hamas- no official in israel said anything about “7 years”. Nice try Anita, an intelligent christian would probably know the significance of “7 years of peace in israel”, but its just not happening yet. As it is now, Israel and Hamas are biding their time with each other, at any moment war can break out again. Here I find myself looking in the face of reckless sensationalism. There is no concern on her part in actually explaining this alleged peace talks credibility or any concern in what Jacobs Trouble actually is. All she wants here is you to click and hear her rant.

“CONFIRMED! 9/11/14 “Undetectable Explosives”

Tell us Anita, What exploded on 9/11/14? nothing. Here what im really asking is to test Anita’s fruits. Her first clue this was sensational should have been ISIS made the threat… I realize we should take their threats somewhat seriously, but if we drop and run at every little thing they have to say were only going to spin around in circles everyday. At the same time the threat was Not “Confirmed’ Homeland security said they were worried there “Might” be an attack on 9/11. key word “Might”. What we see here is again sensationalism.

“CDC Highest Level 1 Alert Ebola Emergency / Is Ebola A Plague of 2 Witnesses ?” Aug 6, 2014

Here we see once again twisting the bible to suit news articles for sensationalist purposes. Clearly this should have been obvious to her- The 2 witnesses, first come way in the end of revelation- there’s a specific timeline she completely ignored that just obviously hasnt happened (IE jacobs trouble). Second, The 2 witnesses as the bible tells us will be well known people through out the whole world and they will be standing at the third temple. Who are these 2 witnesses Anita, where is the third temple? At best she could have simply called Ebola the 4th seal- and at least be more accurate about it, instead she choose the sensationalist approach to go above and beyond.

That being pointed out…

Now I just cherry picked a few videos on her youtube channel I could go on but I fail to see the point. Truly now every time she airs I hear it more and more with her. Shes gone off into a wild tangent discrediting the bibles prophecy in every abominable way by pulling up whatever tin foil hat wearer writes in some article somewhere. Are we living in the last days? I am convinced we are, because the very first sign is great deception- as illustrated here with Anita. She needs to get back on track concerned more for her credibility then likes, views and donations.

Speaking of Donations

Since every critic gives her headache over this, I will say to her credit I can see she at least is not running a scam ring. She actually does put up billboards, the website, sale items, and she actually does send out packages to Christians that call on her to be saved. I wouldn’t doubt she even puts her own money into her ministry. I can tell because I’ve done the math on it a few times- it all does add up shes not keeping the money for herself. However all things said above need to change if she wants another donation from me- I will not represent Bible prophecy in such a heretical manner that involves blatant lies for a youtube click.

All things else considered

When Anita first started part of the reason she was good was she had the ability to collect her thoughts before posting something. Posting on youtube once or twice a week, carefully selecting her articles there was a better delivery and more honest point of view.. When she borrowed the idea from Paul Begely to go on livestream she had no such luxury, thus sacrificing discernment and leaving her viewers with propaganda pieces. I enjoy her sermons, she is a very good minister, I would recommend she kept to that for livestream, news articles for youtube videos. Perhaps the day will come when tri-weekly news updates on bible prophecy will become necessary, but that time has not come just now- its simply too soon and simply too obvious. I am sending this post to Anita, because I want her to know she needs to come to terms with such issues. I doubt she’ll respond, shes not very good with criticism, though I’ve put my 2 cents in and hope at the least this was constructive for her.

*Update 2 hours later* well it didnt take long to get a response Anita made her point clear she read what I had to say. Purposely posting about the dow jones on her facebook page and blocking me. Seeing this was written on a wendsday..  I wasnt going to make a big deal about this at first- Now Im putting in tags and adding ‘False Teacher’ to the title, so people on google can read this. Its been a good year Anita, very entertaining, but there is one less customer over here.

I made an update to this article Click link to be re-directed

Evangelist Anita Fuentes False watcher on the wall

I originally posted this in such a way only the person i sent this to would read it. I confirmed  she had seen it before this post- she was the only one besides myself who could… yeah angel fish is not a fool, I see what you did there Anita- but it’s all good.

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38 thoughts on “Evangelist Anita Fuentes- false teacher”

  1. I used to follow her and I was going to support her ministry when I got some money but I’m so glad God stopped me! One day she was talking on FB about siri saying the gates of hell were opening. I did my own digging and discovered it was about ramadan and that muslims believed the first day of ramadan the gates of hell closed/ heavens gates would open, and the last day heavens gates close and hells would open again, but Anita was making it look like it was totally out of the blue, so I wrote on her blog telling people and asking didn’t you hear about this ramadan thing? Suddenly I was blocked from commenting further. She then made another video sensationalizing this hell thing with no mention of ramadan being a possible and probable source of siri’s prediction. I couldn’t believe that a real sister in Christ would block someone from giving possible correction so that they could bring this new info forward to the flock. I was really hurt, and then realized she has to be a wolf, No Godly upright person would ever do that to another brother or sister.

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    1. Mya,

      I realized the same thing. “I couldn’t believe that a real sister in Christ would block someone from giving possible correction so that they could bring this new info forward to the flock. I was really hurt, and then realized she has to be a wolf, No Godly upright person would ever do that to another brother or sister.”

      I had been listening to Anita for several years. I was never lead to donate to her as I had other ministries. As of August I had been unemployed for 18 months. Which I still am unemployed. She was talking about preparing and gathering food, medical supplies as well as weapons. Ok, I have no problem with that. However, I have been without a job for quite a while and money does run out. So I asked how someone who does not have an income to prep? Her thoughts were that oh, if you have internet you have money. I told her I moved in with my parents (at age 50) my mom has cancer. My internet is paid by my parents. Oh, she made all kinds of remarks about family members leaching off parents and ect.

      I have a college degree and had a good job. I quit to help the folks. So, there is no leaching. here. Plus I am looking for work. Anyway just earlier, I had been listening to her news but then she went streamed in someone who she had already streamed in. I couldn’t hear what was being said. Some of us were chatting and going off her interpretations. She went off on us and told us basically to leave that this was serious. She spoke to us like children. I made a comment about being in a kindergarten class and being reprimanded by the teacher. She clocked me and never let me back in. When I tried to contact her, she refused to respond.

      This is very sad and I pray for her and her family.

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  2. Thank you Mya for adding that about the gates of hell and Ramadan. Praise God that you were unable to send her money.

    It’s funny sometimes we think we really need to do something, but god sets up some convoluted series of events so we cant. It might be days months or even years until we look back and so “OH, I see what you did there god”.

    Take care of yourself Mya, god bless.


  3. I sent Anita several hundred dollars last year after her son died. I was convinced that she was for real, but then after I left her some comments on her appearance getting too worldly and Romans 13 about her tirades about the government, she blocked me. I sent her the money anyways still and an email apologizing for my critisicms of her appearance. She never responded verbally but after accepting my donation, she posted on her facebook her new billboards plastered with her face talking about the government creating a “crises”. I felt that was her way of sending me a message that she wasn’t going to listen to anybody who tried to stop her or get in her way.


    1. Yes that is how Anita works I’m glad we understand each other. I’ve been trying to get ahold of her 501 (c)3 status for some time… what should be public information is non existent. I’ve already reported it to the IRS I’m not sure how could that would be- However I intend to write about this very topic in a future blog post. Thank you for your input. And yeah that $$$ is long gone, I’m sorry.


      1. Have you been on Youtube lately? Check out RRYAN71187 and Jessica Jones and others.. they are exposing her…


  4. I just wanted to say that I am sorry for how bitter I sounded on my earlier post. I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior but I have not been putting Christ first and center in my life for a while now. I have asked God to help me forgive Anita and move past what happened since i posted that last comment. I have also stopped subscribing to her and am looking into more rational sane minded Christians for my news updates. Ones that don’t leave me feeling like the sky is falling every 5 minutes. I find Paul Begleys uploads to be much more rational, peaceful and less terrorizing in nature.

    The last year of listening to Anita screaming headlines about ISIS, Ebola, the stock market crashing, illegal immigrants taking over, etc has made me really stressed out and on edge with everyone around me, so much so that we missed the county fair last year due to the threat of Ebola taking over. I’ve been missing out on life in general being hooked on the adrenaline that she puts out. Please forgive me again for being so negative. I really just want to move past all this and turn over a new leaf… if there is still time for that yet?

    Please forgive me again for being so bitter and angry sounding. That kind of attitude does not represent the body of Christ well at all.


    1. You see now how non- Christian Anita’s practices are though. Look at what the Bible says; There is a lot of scriptures about not worrying and that God’s in control of it all, here’s just one of them :John 14:27 Peace I leave with you;my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you.Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. God is a God of peace.
      Also just recently ( few days ago) I came across Anita’s website where for 120bucks internationally or 100 Usd she’ll send you a ordinance certificate so that you now have a license to legally marry (Anyone), hold ceremonies, take parishioner parking spots (Can you get over that???!?!?!) So she’s never ever met you, you could be lieing through your teeth wanting that status for nothing but evil purposes but she’ll legally ordain you as a minister of God?
      (so here’s where she fails the test the spirit test; she can not test the spirits herself in the people she is ordaining because they are online strangers) Sense when would a supposed Apostle who’s supposed to be working for God’s glory firstly mock God’s authority by selling God appointed rights, while also being a person Jesus would have chased out of the temple for selling God.
      A friend of mine was posting Anita’s vids on her FB saying oh what powerful spirit filled messages this woman has! I private messaged her and said look is Anita’s ordaining people online right? And she agreed NO it is not! I said so The Holy spirit who dwells in us and convicts our hearts that this practice is WRONG also lives in Anita as well but gives her the green light to ordain people? How can that be? God gave us the command to test the spirits. Its not a sin to tests the spirits and find its not the Holy spirit within a the person who claims to be following our God. God said even the devil parades around as an angel of light. There will be wolves, many claim they’re from God but they’re not! Not only that God says Be angry but sin not, Being angry that this wolf is duping people and scaring new Christians to death is not at all sin. She failed the test now its our duty to warn others that she is a wolf. Then our hands are clean and the judgement will be on their own heads if they still follow her.

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      1. She also just put out a video earlier this week telling people not to be hearers of the Word only but doers also and that means to not neglect the command to send her donations. Now she is calling her ministry a church and has said that she will start doing Sunday broadcasts as well. So my question still remains, who is she accountable to for correction if she doesn’t attend any church of her own?

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      2. I started watching her videos a few months ago and in a couple of her videos she said a curse word and then she told everyone to excuse her language. To me, that was a red flag because if u are true evangelist then u would know better than to curse during your church broadcast, the whole thing really turned me off and I will not be watching anymore of her broadcast.

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    2. Think about it Paul tell us to be confronted by the return of Christ. It doesn’t sound like you have confront but fear. Remember to pray to the Lord to escape these things coming upon the earth.


  5. Hello Believers! Well, I guess I can add my name to the List of people BLOCKED by Miss Anita. I had only been listening for the past couple months but, it didn’t take long to hear all the lies and false doctrines being preached. Thank you Jesus I have been blessed with a good measure of Wisdom and Discernment and can quickly point out good cherry picking of the Bible to support their Gimmie Gimme Gospels. I put aside “some” of the differences and continued to listen… But, more and more the preaching changed. The first doctrine I brought to her attention was… Yes, you guessed it. ‘Sowing Seed”. This grated and grieved against my spirit so much that I had to post something to her Facebook page. I “thought” I was being extremely polite in presenting the truth of what the Bible says accompanied by a simple picture of hands holding seeds. I put a Link to a Bible Hub page with Bible Scriptures and Cross references. I gently explained the SEED is the Word of God.. The Gospel of Jesus.. The Message of Salvation… Seed is not something we sow for ourselves.. our own blessings but, to preach God’s Word forward to SAVE others. But, WOW was she starting to sound like any given False Preacher on TV.. I would throw her in the ranks of Rod Parsley, Creflo Dollar, Murdock.. and let’s not forget about our tried and FALSE favorite. Benny Hinn. I warned her about the Dangers of falling into the deception of the Word of Faith Movements… Blab and Grab Doctrines.. Prosperity Gospels.. Gimmie Gimmie Gospels..and all the other Preachers who preach a return on investment opportunity … Just Sow Your SEED! So, in digging a bit more about Miss Fuentes… I came across some of your responses to youtube viewers. In particular one person asked if she felt Benny Hinn was a False Preacher? Her response FLOORED my.. She said that Brother Benny was an Anointed Man of God and that He and SHE shared the same spirit and anointing.. (paraphrased a bit but, I can find the link) SAY WHAT??! Well, I guess she does have the same spirit as these Mammon loving deceivers 😦 So JUST on asking her to examine the doctrine of “Sowing Seed”…I got BLOCKED.. I also wrote her an email and questioned the validity of her Ministry, the Accountability of it…The Checks and Balances and Transparency of it.. Because like you have said here.. MANY consider it their “Church”.. And being a former “Pastor’s Wife”… and devoted to God’s Word the Bible… I called her on that too.. She is NOT a Pastor, NOT a Shepherd over a Flock.. She is as you claim.. A Youtube Sensationalist… What she really wants is the Spotlight.. and the BIG PREACHER name notoriety. I am going to Pray for her… It is time for Anita to OPEN HER OWN EYES …Repent and turn back to do what God called her to do…She has a gift that’s for sure.. in Personality and Speaking ( When she doesn’t lose her demeanor ) But, she has NO Discernment or Wisdom that comes from the “Holy Spirit”… and has taken her Knowledge of the Bible from the lineage of False TV Predators and Mammon Mongers out there.. Best Selling Authors…and other Youtube Stars… So, she will let all the vile disgusting visitors frequent her Broadcast week after week without batting an eye…Like the ones who say sexual things about her.. etc..and all the other trolls.. But, this Born Again, God Fearing Woman, Child of God who KNOWS her Bible… Not so much BOOT! Her approach is to appeal to the naive baby Christians and the Unbelievers with little or no Knowledge… and this is the kind of “Ministry” that the devil uses to get people into his snare…No need to go to Church anymore.. YOUTUBE IT!… Do church here! We were Saved to Serve.. and we were called to BE THE CHURCH…. Not “Do” Church… Well, thanks for letting me share my less than positive experience with this woman… I guess knowing that she has done this with others who addressed her false teachings… in actuality.. shows that the Enemy is hard at work looking to STOP us at every turn. There is so much more but, I’ll leave that for another time. 🙂 God Bless Y’all!

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    1. Romans 16:17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.

      Romans 16:18 For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.


    2. Amen! I’m glad more people are waking up! Yes she is a deceiver, I checked more into her and found some quite jaw dropping comments she had made back before anyone knew her on blogs around 2009, all the blogs she commented on were prosperity gospel blogs (My question is why is she there in the first place? Conviction maybe?) And she was bashing the people who were questioning prosperity teachers by using capslocks and making rude one line snide comments back to them, for example (user 1 says: i thought all the apostles/ prophets sold thier things and went out to preach the gospel, where AF replies ; DID YOU SELL YOURS? the other comment she made on another blog shows how deceived she is. Here’s her actual quote : ~He was blessing me with thsi revelation of tithe, “When you preach and talk about how good I am in your life, some of them will not believe, many will but some will not until they see, until they see what I have blessed you with, then will these people who dont believe me see that I am alive in your life.”AF
      So basically Anita a supposed spirit filled Christian is claiming by this statement that God uses bling to bring in the flock. Where is that in the Bible? If you dont know your Bible youre not going to see how blatantly wrong Anita’s revelation is. She was met with a couple comments of I cant agree with you! by other pastors and people. Then she goes on in the next statement down to say she’s never heard of the prosperity Gospel. Really and you’re an ordained minister? And then I was brought to her video on God’s voice VS satans voice how to know its God not Satan talking to you, God pressed on me to check this video out, so sure enough in the video she took 1 Peter 2:24). The verse is referring to sin and righteousness His stripes healed our relationship with God the Father. This verse had nothing at all to do with being physically delivered from disease/ mental illness, but AF is saying it pertains to physical healing. She then talked about the serpents subtle deception, teaching that he deceives by twisting scripture. She was actually calling herself out as a deceiver because she’s taking 1 Peter out of context! Good grief! I really pray her ministry gets dismantled.

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      1. She’s one to talk about mental illness. She is a “,border line”, with all the comorbid things you can put on that. She has them. I have been studying the Jezebel spirit (Don’t go google it). lol… I have already been through everything I have found helpful.

        I have been telling Mike that she is a witch for quite a while. The truth is in the pudding. There is a direct connection. This comes from ‘The Craft’. She is a genuine witch.


    3. Interesting you mentioned Anita and Benny Hinn. I too used be a follower of Anita’s up until July 2015 when I myself found out she was a “supporter of Benny Hinn and his ministry”. One viewer asked her a sincere question; she said one of her (the person posting the question) friends told her not to listen to Anita because she supports Benny Hinn and his ministry. So this viewer asked her if it was true. Now, I know the question was directed towards Anita, but I commented first and told the viewer that Benny Hinn was an apostate teacher who has told straight up lies and that I doubt Anita would support such a person. Well, to my surprise she insulted me and then moved on to say that in fact she does support him and his ministry. I was shocked that this”Christian” I had been listening to would insult me (and viciously insulted a few others as well), but even more shocked that Anita supports this man who has said “we are all little messiahs” and “he wishes he had a holy spirit machine gun” (among other things). I was totally hurt by her insult and confused that Anita (who claims to be filled with the holy spirit) cannot see that this man is not a man of God, and then it hit me, she can’t see it because she is deceived just like him. She really needs prayers (since she is not open to correction or thinks she’s above correction) to be freed from this spirit of deception.

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    1. Rev 2:20 Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.
      Rev 2:21 And I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not.
      Rev 2:22 Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds.

      You see how God says those who follow a Jezebel woman will be cast into a bed of tribulation? That is what listening to Anita has brought me, nothing but fear, trouble and tribulation. I have unsubscribed from all of her subscriptions.

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  6. This woman is some piece of work. When she is proven wrong, which is most of the time she will block you on FB and YT if you confront her. She hurt my friend by telling lies about her. Anita needs to seek the Lord for real!!


    1. I stopped listening to her when she was making fun of people believing in a certain doctrine. Instead of being as any normal person was and showing in the Bible where you are getting you information she just ridiculed.


  7. You are the one who needs to study all of your Bible. You twist her words and Jonathan Cahn does have it right I pray to God you have repented by as early as this September 2015. Oh God do I pray for your soul.


    1. 2Timothy 2:4 No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.

      Do you understand what it is that we are *warring* after? It’s nothing on this earth, it is the salvation of our souls in heaven which is where GOd tells us to keep our minds focused on. It doesn’t matter if the Shemitah happens or not because most of us will die before it even gets here. You could die on your way to the store tomorrow or while you are eating your dinner. Will the Shemitah matter to you then?

      Stop following false prophets and listen to the Lord God above.

      Colossians 3:2 Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

      Romans 8:5 For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit.
      Romans 8:6 For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

      Isaiah 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.


  8. Hi…I just had to post. God is so good in protecting those who seek His wisdom . I was “blocked” by Anita (A blessing actually.) I had always been very respectful and yet I respectfully called out two articles one being specifically in an area I lived in NY that I knew to be over the top sensationalized on her site and one that was so obviously a faked picture of Benjamin Netanyahu with a black eye/ shadow cast that was obviously photo shopped. Please understand I am not saying she photo shopped it but Anita had no issue with “sharing” this article as a real piece from one of her followers. It was so ridiculous and I do photo shopping so I think I have a pretty good idea of things like this. I respectfully said there should be some discernment here as it was fake with a reference to a real link of the actual news that clearly shows Netanyahu WITHOUT the black shadow/ black eye. Some on the Facebook page ate it up saying it is was a sign etc.…it means this It means that! They never once questioned if it was indeed authentic. Some on there had sense too but I am sure they were blocked. Well, Next thing I know I was blocked. Are you kidding me? Just the fact alone she cannot take any criticism or admit an error raises a red flag for me.. She is also constantly mentioning threats her and her family receive YET had no issue showing all her children all over her site. If anyone had their children being threatened why would they make them so public. Also, why would you get on air with time that can be used to preach about Jesus just to show off your guns and mention these threats. Should that not be handled privately with law – enforcement? This just makes no sense. Too many red flags and confusion.

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  9. I’m a new christian I watched a video of hers and called in. She told me I was saved and God told her I would be healed by this time next year. I was so happy. She then told me to email her my address and she’ll send me a free package and bible that she’ll personally sign. Well I never got a reply from her. I sent her 3 msg and still no reply…. Did I get lied to and if so does this mean I’m not saved?


    1. Don’t go what man says. Man can’t tell you that you are saved. Salvation comes from believing the gospel and repentance. Seek God and put your faith in His son Jesus. Repent from your sins and keep repenting. Paul Washer and Tim Conway from I’ll be honest YouTube channel is a good ministry to listen to. God bless! I think I remember hearing you on Anita’s broadcast.

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  10. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. This is nothing but a gossip sight with a bunch of bitter nit pickers. Don’t you peoole have something better to do? Reading all this religious rabel says alot about you. It’s sad. Sounds like a bunch of babies upset cause you got blocked. I would block you too. I’ve experienced the opposite… but ya know usually when someone is out there willing to tell the truth and put themselves on line this is what happens. The religious hecklers come out and do all they can to mar a person’s character. I’m not saying she hasn’t made mistakes. Maybe she has.. Haven’t you? All Y’all need to grow up and get a life. Go start a blog that’s constructive.


    1. You are correct to say no one is perfect.
      It’s one thing to make mistakes WarriorDaughter, it’s another to not accept those mistakes and make corrections. Or for the matter blatantly go against scripture and not be open to reproof. Such is apostasy.
      No this isn’t a gossip site, and your commenting on a rather old article…. it’s about since this article I myself have payed much attention to Anita :-/ it won’t take too long, you will see it for yourself with her.

      God bless


    2. Matthew 18:14In the same way, your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should perish. 15If your brother sins against you, go and confront him privately. If he listens to you, you have won your brother over. 16But if he will not listen, take one or two others along, so that ‘every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.’

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  11. I have listened to Anita for a few years now. This recent episode with her shutting everything down is very disturbing. I couldn’t help but to think is this a woman or a child? I reviewed he letter she read and things were just not adding up. She says she has 50,000 in expense monthly! I flat out don’t believe that. That alone with her closing shop has really caused me to question her. I have not always agreed with her on every topic but I have appreciated hearing updated news stories. Honestly if someone mixed false in with real you can’t listen to them. Very disappointed.

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