Tides of Deception

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:  That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. (2 Thessalonians 2:11-12)


If we should learn anything through history we must ask the question: ‘How did Adolf Hitler deceive the whole nation of Germany?’ the reason this question is so important is because if we should enter the end times, you (and everyone else) will be very much deceived- in like manner to the Germans. You as a christian have been called to come out of this world not be apart of it, ask yourself- what does that mean? unfortunately, many of you havnt a clue of either these questions. You think you know, and to be fair you may have half of the answer- but sadly many don’t and so I felt compelled to spell it out. There is a brief background before getting to the point, I advise not to skip ahead.

Adolf Hitler did not have to try too hard.Germany was primed already for him.

Through out the 20’s, during the period known as Wiemar republic, Germany was broke- dirt broke. The masses crammed

House wife stuffing the furnace with money to heat the house.
German House wife stuffing the furnace with money to heat the house.

down leftist Socialism as the solution- some turned even to communist ideas. For 11 years from 1919-1930 Germany’s situation would continuously go from bad to worse. Unemployment went to a staggering 40%, many suspected it was alot higher due to people giving up on filing unemployment. Inflation was rampant, a loaf of bread was 500,000+ marks (this being the days before debit cards) people had to replace wallets with briefcases to go shopping. Burning bills in the stove was cheaper then buying coal to heat the house. All the while the politicians shouted out “Progress” and “Change”- meanwhile those same politicians would knowingly create policies to destroy the country. The German patriots and nationalists often met together discussing what the socialist and communist politicians were doing. A young man, Adolf Hitler would often hear these men out. It was painfully obvious by 1926 the government wasn’t helping and the problem  was liberalism. Adolf Hitler took it upon himself to restart the National Socialist Party from late 1800’s. The party was never ver popular before, he managed to get it back up with just 5 members. Hitler would then begin his political campaign.

What kinds of things did Adolf Hitler tell people so they would vote for him?

Hitler began public speaking in 1926-1927 with just 5 fellow community organizers. He held conferences at hotels, stood on his soap box in the streets, went to banquets and coffee shops. Where ever there was an ear Hitler made sure to do it on the cheap. He then decided to change tactics- part of the problem with public speaking is when you don’t tell people something they will later hear from someone else, nothing you say to them will stick. Adolf Hitler realized this and decided it was better to start using pamphlets- to reach the broadest audience possible. The more people who hear what he has to say, the more they will talk to each other about it. (He wrote a whole chapter on propaganda in ‘Mein Kampf’ detailing his tactics very extensively) He told people things like ‘The German people deserve better, a restoration of national pride’ and ‘My struggle to liberate the German people from the grips of communism needs your help’. From 1926 – 1930 (in just 4 years) Adolf Hitlers ideas of patriotism and far right ideas spread through the nation like crazy. He was an excellent speaker, and he also had a solid political plan.

What was Adolf Hitlers Political Plan?

What germans loved about Hitler most was he knew how to fix all the problems of the Wiemar republic. The solutions were so simple, but the first thing that had to be done was get rid of all the other political parties. Socialism and Communism was the reason Germany was in this mess- obviously since they were the only other political parties, getting rid of them just made sense right? Hitler made it clear this was essential, because any thing he tried to do would be blocked by socialist and communist votes in the German government. Oh but this comes with fixing Germany by creating a dictatorship- a tiny matter that did not phase the German public one bit. See the Germans were so desperate and poor, they were willing to elect anyone that sounded like they knew what they were talking about. Hitler was correct, Socialist and communist had to go, but does the means justify the outcome? Was there another way? 2 questions Hitler never asked the public, and when his plan took affect it was too late for the public to ask themselves.

So what does this have to do with end times?

Short answer, Everything. See the antichrist is coming on the platform of peace and safety, not death and destruction. Hitler is simply a perfect model of how these things go. Oh yes Hitler did a fine job fixing Germany’s problems, He forced private businesses to hire people- completely eliminating unemployment from 40%-0 in just 2 years. Hitler also eliminated crime in a short time- even the theives in the streets were happy to have a job. He brought inflation down and set up a “Inflation central Control Office” that regulated the price of every commodity so inflation would never happen again. Everyone Loved Hitler for many very good reasons. (It’s easy to read this and snub your nose at them, but consider these are real peoples lives- its too easy to be flip reading about them in a short blog). Assuming every  human being wants more money, a decent job, and not alot of troubles- well this is the kinds of things a leader would have to do to make that happen. They called him the “Savior of Germany” simply because he truly did save Germany from utter ruin. Though Hitler went a lot further then this (A LOT further) he made it a point to not make people “Feel” like every thing the people watched on tv, read, worked with, went to school with, their doctor, and many others were not some form of agent or propaganda piece issued from him. He had an emphasis on keeping a “light touch”. I tell you right now to take notes, because this is how the Antichrist will come only on a larger/global scale.

What Do I want you to take from this?

The Germans were primed for nationalism before they fell into it- Socialism and communism was for them a means to an end. Once the whole country was swept by the tides of extreme liberalism, they found themselves loathing it so much they were easily swayed to the ideas of the far right. What I see today, virtually everywhere on facebook (primarily christians), is people doing this exact thing right here in America. On every election year you have a choice the left winged Democrat or the right winged Republican. (Picture the tides of the sea swaying back and forth) And almost every election year, people become so tired of the previous party so they go vote for the other.With this we see massive waves of propaganda coming to us from all directions. Like a flood wave crashing on the shore its “Pro Guns” “Green Energy” “Gay Marriage” etc… Some of these even go into deep conspiracies, many dont even have a bases in fact. Moreover, since most Americans started going online, this propaganda has become so aggressive. There is virtually no way to turn it off, we see it all the time. So much so, even the way people talk to each other is different (when they talk to each other). Ever notice in the 90’s people didnt talk as much about political issues as they do now? It’s nearly impossible anymore to have a casual conversation with someone with out them bringing up something Obama said.

What this tells me is, most Americans

  1. Put more hope, trust, and faith in politicians then God or even just themselves to fix their problems. (Statist Mentality)
  2. Beginning to not even know the difference between fact or fiction anymore- Convinced fiction is fact and vice verse’.
  3. Ideas sway to and fro believing only what the last youtube video they watched told them

This is such a dangerous way to think, combined with ignorance- many Americans are flinging around propaganda pieces like wild fire, not even knowing it. This is exactly How Hitler Rose to power, this is also how the communist orchestrated the Bolsheviks- it wasnt just the leaders it was primarily the people. Some of you asked why there is so much Hamas support in Europe and America- I tell you they didn’t get their ideas from nowhere, or on their own. Yet they dont care most of their ideas come from a handful of Muslim Brotherhood websites from Iraq, Egypt, Iran, and Syria during the recent Arab Spring. No one says anymore ‘I need to fact check our sources’- no one says “I’d like to look at the background of this guy”- this is called (by the communist party of USSR) “Social Conditioning”. My friends, many of you are already drowning in the tides of deception. Even as you oppose liberalism you are swept up.

What Can I do?

  1. Fact Check your information before accepting it as fact- do background checks on journalist etc. It’s the boring part of research but if youre just ‘learning for entertainment’ then youre not really learning- your most likely just getting your head filled with nonsense.
  2. Dont be so focused on what this or that politician is saying- take it down a few notches- control your enthusiasm
  3. Learn the difference between propaganda and facts. Usually if it’s made into a video, its propaganda (theres your first clue) I noticed lately if it sounds kinda like an Apple commercial its a good second clue. Third realize Documentaries are not real- at least lately. Documentaries made before 1990 tried to be as accurate as possible, do some digging they’re fairly easy to search by year.
  4. Know what the bible says!! The biggest thing- Today we have so many people like End Times Enthusiasts, Joel Osteen, and TB Joshua who will tell you this and that- in truth they dont even know their bible as literally as they say- often they’re just interested in a thumbs up click and a donation. These will sway you into so much deception you wont even know what you’re reading when you read the bible (i’m pretty sure there’s a psychological term for this). Long story short, The better you know what the bible says on a variety of subjects, the better you are going to be at spotting a false teacher/prophet.

I might even recommend reading that chapter in Mein Kampf about propaganda- The reason being modern propagandist took notes from both Communists and Nazi’s. Hitler was very detailed, but brief, about how he and the communists used propaganda, I’ll be sure to insert a link below if your interested in learning from original sources. Also because so many end times enthusiasts prey on “The Mark of the Beast” and “The Antichrist” I will refer you to my article on the subject from the literal perspective. I like to just tell people “Dont listen to anything untill the third temple is announced to be built”, However thats not good enough for some so I’ll pick the whole thing apart in a link below. If you don’t click on anything AT LEAST checkout the film “The Art of Deception” below.

“Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help. His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth; in that very day his thoughts perish. Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the Lord his God.” (Psalm 146:3-5)

The Art Of Deception Full Movie

The Mark of the Beast


Adolf Hitler- “Mein Kampf” Chapter VI


As a foot Note I would Like to draw your attention to specific passage from “Mein Kampf” Chapter 6. What I’d like you to do as an Excersize is think about a recent ‘Social Documentary’ you may have watched either on TV, Youtube, or Netflix. Hydrofracking, or Zeitgiest for example- would any of that reminisce to this passage? :

“A similar situation prevails with what we today call propaganda.

The function of propaganda does not lie in the scientific training of the individual, but in calling the masses’ attention to certain facts, processes, necessities, etc., whose significance is thus for the first time placed within their field of vision.

The whole art consists in doing this so skillfully that everyone will be convinced that the fact is real, the process necessary, the necessity correct, etc. But since propaganda is not and cannot be the necessity in itself, since its function, like the poster, consists in attracting the attention of the crowd, and not in educating those who are already educated or who are striving after education and knowledge, its effect for the most part must be aimed at the emotions and only to a very limited degree at the so-called intellect.

All propaganda must be popular and its intellectual level must be adjusted to the most limited intelligence among those it is addressed to. Consequently, the greater the mass it is intended to reach, the lower its purely intellectual level will have to be. But if, as in propaganda for sticking out a war, the aim is to influence a whole people, we must avoid excessive intellectual demands on our public, and too much caution cannot be exerted in this direction.

The more modest its intellectual ballast, the more exclusively it takes into consideration the emotions of the masses, the more effective it will be. And this is the best proof of the soundness or unsoundness of a propaganda campaign, and not success in pleasing a few scholars or young aesthetes.

The art of propaganda lies in understanding the emotional ideas of the great masses and finding, through a psychologically correct form, the way to the attention and thence to the heart of the broad masses. The fact that our bright boys do not understand this merely shows how mentally lazy and conceited they are.

Once we understand how necessary it is for propaganda to be adjusted to the broad mass, the following rule results:

It is a mistake to make propaganda many-sided, like scientific instruction, for instance.

The receptivity of the great masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan. As soon as you sacrifice this slogan and try to be many-sided, the effect will piddle away, for the crowd can neither digest nor retain the material offered. In this way the result is weakened and in the end entirely cancelled out.

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