“Alien Eggs” Are You People Stupid?

Taken from an article, apparently ‘Alien Eggs’ washed up on shore… Take it from an Angel Fish, These are not so special.

Where did the green ‘alien eggs’ come from? Scientists baffled by UFOs (unidentified floating objects) that washed up on a Sydney beach

  • Beach-goers describe green ‘alien hairballs’ washed up on a Sydney’s Dee Why Beach


So Let me burst the bubble on this, What these ‘Alien Eggs’ are can be found in virtually any pet store for about $2-$5. They are called moss balls. It’s a type of algae that grows in a ball shape. Aquarium hobbyst love these things because they purify and oxygenate the water in fish tanks. When the tank water becomes too cold they sink, but when it’s hot they rise up. No doubt since Sydney is coming into summer, the moss balls rose up and washed up on shore. Yes they can live in saltwater as well as fresh water- very likely these came by floating over from Japan. I’m sorry to burst whatever bubble you may have about aliens, but really the internet should have less room for stupidity. Here you can see for yourself.


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