Reflection of the Inqusition.

Its been almost 300/400 years now or so since the Catholic church fell into the pit of satanic forces, yet even now there is still so much protestant animosity towards Catholicism. I’d personally be lying if I said I thought they changed much. sure theres some catholic preists I listen to now and then, and things I generally agree with what they have to say. But in the back of my protistant mind I still notice Mary. I see a tradition with a willy nilly foundation- that does’nt have any biblical basis at all to it. I see the adage “People can not have a relationship with Jesus, rather the institution.” I’m some what reminded of moderate Muslims discussing Islam as a peaceful religion, meanwhile their buddies in the middle east blow everything up.

Since protestants made their way to the new world to escape the reach of the church, weve made our home here in America. We went from a standard issue British colony to a third world country, now a world power. In all this time Catholics have faced the challenge in Europe to become a democracy, separating the church from state, Creating a new state, blowing each other up, and rebuilding everything, slowly transforming more and more secular. As the church faced these challenges they took a graceful declawing of their control over European government. Instead of fighting it, they sat down and said OK but were still the church. Over time less catholics in Europe went to church- its just a matter of time the whole continent is athiest. How much does the Vatican control the world today? I can honestly say no where near as much as they used to.

Recently Pope Francis announced to the protestant church his apologies to us on behalf of the church. It was a very heartfelt apology I admit I was glad just to see him reaching out. I will say this to him, I can agree we have the same god, we worship the same trinity, we share a good deal in common- But mary, the statuary, the rest of idolatry has to go. From where I stand I see about 600 years of deception, and spiritual abuse from the church- on a scale that is unprecedented. I also see The church continues that deception in a softer glove, now that they are powerless to stop us from simply reading our own bibles. I see it’s easy to be ‘ Friends’ now that your influence in politics and the masses is dwindling down, very slowly but surely. What I also see is you reaching out to anyone who would listen, except the Dali Lama- i will give that to your credit. Making friends in all the Abrahamic religions as if they are potential political allies. Forgive me of being cynical Pope Frances but that is what I see and I am a little skeptical of your motives.

Historically American protestants have always been obstinate to Catholicism. We’ve always rejected the church and very bluntly- we make no secret of it when we say Your church is evil. Our secularists cought on to it, its just a matter of time the Vatican wont be there. Yet at the same time, I don’t want to see the vatican gone. It’s also true to say the popes voice in the UN at these dark times is a rare voice of the bible for the world stage. There are not many protistants in that arena faithfully pulling any kind of strings. At least in the Popes case he’s devoted a life of study to the book and knows what hes talking about with diplomats. I know as well as Pope francis knows as soon as he’s gone satan is going to run a muck.

Yes I can forgive The catholic church of there sins, I can look past our differences and enjoy what we have in common. I can even accept catholics with love and openness. However my forgiveness is irrelevant- I wasn’t the one getting burned at the stake as a witch. The pope knows whose forgiveness he should be seeking, ill give a hint- those witches are long dead, but the one who is ALIVE and holds the keys to death. I wont ever convert to Catholicism though, I wont let you in my government, and I wont advocate just about anything you have to say. Sorry to say but it’s business as usual for American protestants. I hope you are content with that.

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