After A Catholic Mass


After going to a catholic mass Id like to take some time to reflect. My mother brought me to Our Lady of Victory Basilica in Lackawana, I admit I was a little curious what the catholics do. The church was more then a church, I was overwhelmed in marble and stained glass. There is only 2 Basilicas in the united states. Baltimore, MD and here just outside of Buffalo. Its a rarity in my backyard I really take for granted in never going.


Here’s what I liked
1. I loved the archetecture, this place
was incredable. Intricate details in every corner,  carved from marble. Every statue and stained glass piece was very detailed and appropriately decorated to impress.
2. I also loved the Basilica is founded by a man who adopted 200 stray kids from the city. I’m guessing they all lived at the church with him while he had them educated in different job skills.
3.  People seemed very friendly. Something I’ve always noticed about catholics they tend to have alot less pretenses then protestants.

What I didn’t like

1. Stand, sit, kneel, stand…  I couldn’t tell if I was in church or pilates class. I was actually getting nauseous from the work out just during prayer. My Grandmother always said never let a catholic kick you they have strong legs,  I can see why.
2. Hail mary mother of god…  yeah I realize mary gave birth to Jesus but I don’t see the emphasis on her. I could argue god could have picked any girl in israel,  she seemed to me like the name that was pulled out of hat. The statues of saints I’ll also include here- to me it seems like idolatry.
3. There wasn’t really any kind of sermon or teaching. I felt like I left not really hearing any kind of biblical message. The entire time was dominated by ritualistic prayer and some songs. The whole thing felt kinda scripted.
4. I wasn’t allowed to take communion because I’m not catholic.  Like the mafia almost,  if your not ‘IN’ your not in. (Interestimg the mafia is also catholic). I had to cross my hands over my chest so to mark myself like a heathen unbeliver I suppose not worthy to remember our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Maybe I’m just too protestant, but don’t get me wrong I like the catholic people. However im not very sold on the catholic church. I’m glad I went though it was interesting and a fun experience- something different for me. Truth be told I left with a better appreciation for my own heathen religion. I like to just pray to God. Mary is dead she’s relaxing in heaven I don’t want bug her-at the same time I don’t think god wants me to pray to her- same for the other saints. I do like reading about the saints, some did have incredible impacts on history- as a history nerd that much is undeniable. None of them however had the impact on history as Jesus christ though. I’d probably go back if mom really wants to go back, but to me it seems like a convoluted way to praise god.

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5 thoughts on “After A Catholic Mass”

  1. I’d like to address a few of your points here.

    “Stand, sit, kneel” – it’s easy to ridicule what you don’t understand. Do you know why Catholics kneel during the Eucharistic prayers? Because JESUS CHRIST is physically made present before us. We take part in the timeless sacrifice of Calvary. It is out of respect and humility that we kneel before our Lord and our God.

    “…Mary…” – Mary is the mother of God (Jesus), a woman born without the stain of original sin (how could GOD be born to an inherently sinful human being?). That isn’t to say she never sinned in her life, because Mary, like you and I, is human. The “Hail Mary” prayer comes directly out of the Bible, most of it from Mary’s conversations with the Archangel Gabriel and her cousin, Elizabeth. The rest, “pray for us sinners”, is asking Mary to pray for us. We aren’t praying TO Mary or worshipping her. As for the STATUES, we don’t worship them. The reason for statues and religious icons is to call our mind to who and what they represent. When we look at a crucifix, we don’t think the crucifix itself is God, we recognize that it’s a “visual aid” that reminds us of Jesus’ sacrifice. For 1,700 years, most people who went to Church couldn’t read or write. Statues, stained glass, paintings, etc gave them important information about faith.

    “No sermon or teaching, or any kind of Biblical message” – What? I actually laughed at this one, because it’s completely ignorant to the Holy Mass. The LITURGY OF THE WORD contains three readings– two from either the Old or New Testament, one from the Gospel– and a psalm. After the Gospel reading, the priest gives his homily/sermon, where he relates the readings to our lives. If you missed this huge part of Mass, you must not have been paying attention very well. Most of the prayers said during Mass have DIRECT BIBLICAL ROOTS. Of course, you must also realize it was the Catholic Church that put together what we call the Bible 🙂 It felt “kinda scripted” huh? Mass isn’t a free-flowing, feel-goody, happy-clappy worship service. We don’t go to Mass to “get anything out of it”, we go to adore our Eucharistic Lord. It’s about GOD, not our sensational mentality. The prayers said during Mass are 2,000 years old.

    “Couldn’t ‘take’ communion” – You don’t “TAKE” communion in a Catholic Church. Do you know why? In the Catholic Church (which was founded by Jesus, read the Bible), when we RECEIVE Holy Communion, we literally, physically receive Jesus Christ in his body, blood, soul and divinity. We don’t eat bread and wine. What we consume is our Lord and our God, just as Jesus said “Take this all of you, and eat of it; THIS IS MY BODY, which will be given up for you.” You don’t receive Communion to remember Jesus, you receive Communion because It IS Jesus! Nowhere in the Bible does it say Jesus only wanted us to remember him. Multiple times he said we have to EAT HIS BODY and DRINK HIS BLOOD. He wasn’t kidding!

    Pax Christi!


    1. I could argue with all those points including “Nowhere in the Bible does it say Jesus only wanted us to remember him” but truthfully I dont really care enough. It was not my intention to offend a catholic, but from a Protestant point of view it’s all kinda silly.


      1. Yup, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, when we take part in Jesus’ eternal sacrifice by literally consuming His Body and Precious Blood, is absolutely hilarious.


      2. It isnt literal, It’s a gesture in rememberance of jesus. Luke 22:19 “And he took bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying, This is my body which is given for you: this DO IN REMEMBERANCE OF ME.”, this is where the church got the idea of doing communion. I didnt just pull this out of my hat., I did enjoy basilica and as always I still like catholics, though their traditions I think are off- we are non the less all many parts of one body and brothers and sisters in christ. God Bless.


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