We are not Goldfish

What does a goldfish do?

Imagine living in a little glass bubble. Your safe and Comfortable with a beautiful plastic castle and some plants. No predators no clue what’s outside no worries what so ever. Every morning you look to the top of the tank for some magical shadow to sprinkle flakes in to eat. Your whole existence is one of dependence ease and comfort of a 10″ X 9″ space.

One of the things people get very confused about God is why he lets suffering in the world. Another thing is why doesn’t he give us every little thing we ask for. A lot of it has to do with him not wanting us in such a dependant state as a goldfish in a bowl waiting for a shadow to drop in food. See there is only 2 types of love people understand. First is a motherly love, the other is a fatherly love. Imagine your own mother who wants you to stay 3 forever. Whereas you’re father was usually the one saying “you have to grow up” or you have to learn responsibility. God as our father is just like your dad. Now I realize it might sound insensitive but in your life you will have some troubles- but like my own father told me “tough shit”.

It is by adversity and only adversity do we grow up. By adversity we test and build our faith, we strive for improvement. Adversity is how we build our character and mature. Imagine what it would take for a mother to keep her child 3 years old. She would have to put him in a bubble – the guy would be 40 years old still watching barney, she’d have to hold his hands and never let him make decisions for himself. Truly no self respecting adult wants a diaper change and a bottle. It would be nice not having to pay bills, but all things considered is it really worth that kind of dependence? God doesn’t think so either.

Now that doesn’t say God isn’t loving, he is- it’s because he loves you he wants you to be independent. It’s usually the one asking these questions who has an obscure idea of ‘Love’, they need to erase from their mind. He wants you to be able to stand on your own 2 feet as an adult and have a strong moral character. He wants your faith tested and hammered into a refined sword. Like a black smith melting iron and beating into shape, that is what God guarantees us in life -not once in the bible does it say God is Santa clause. This doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes along the way. Should you slip too far God isn’t shy to discipline. This is a real Love and part of the reasons I Love God.

Why does God let things like sickness, good things happen to bad people, starving people, war, poverty, etc?

Truly not everything is God’s judgement. I should think such things are obvious. If there was no starving people in the world how are you going to donate food to them? If there are no sick people how are you going to try and heal them? This world is made perfect not according to your standards but Gods. How in the world are you going to know charity if there’s no one to give charity to? How does a world of people in a vegetative state of peace make each of us grow up and mature? At the same time people have free will, it’s not god making war it’s people. Historically with war, like all things, god only puts up with such sins for awhile. Friends and family died? That’s horrible but I remind you its a fate we all must encounter. The feeling of knowing ones own Mortality is often more scary and hurtful then the actual death to be honest. Usually when someone dies this is when we’re reminded of it most. However, I have a saying- It’s all Eve’s fault!! If she did not eat that apple none of us would have to go through any of this. Yet the bible tells us, God will fix all this in the end with the new heaven and new earth.

So I hope this answers the tough questions a lot of people seem to have. No God isn’t Santa Claus or a maid, he’s our father. He will guide you in this world on what to do and how to do it if you let him. He will help you here and there. But he will not cater to your every whine , moan, and whim. Should any Christian believe otherwise truly your setting yourself up for disappointment. Do not be a goldfish waiting for fish flakes in a bowel, Try being instead a Dolphin. Freely swimming in the wild hunting your own food and evading predators.


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