A Rant About Cell Phones

There was a time when people were so excited to get their new phone. Suddenly there was a frenzy and crazy wave of a rush to buy the latest thing, Review it on Youtube, explore contracts with service providers, Better cameras, multi function capabilities, etc…

2000 year old Roman Hammer
2000 year old Roman Hammer

Heres where we are now, Cell phones have come to a point they really cant do much more that’s particularly… well useful or better. Take the hammer for example. Thousands of years there hasn’t been much a change to this tool. There is only so much people can really do with it to make it better. It hasn’t changed it’s size much, the weight is just about the same, even in ancient times some came with a nail pull out part on the back- What we have is a flat headed piece of metal/rock on top of a stick. The best I suppose we could add is a bubble leveler, but it stands to scrutiny this really is about all we can do for it.

So, the best a cell phone company can come up with at this point is a bigger screen, thinner, more mega pixel camera then the human eye can even see, and I suppose IPhone and Samsung feel we all exercise so much so we need/want a heart rate monitor, and a finger print scanner that’s pretty faulty. :-/ There’s endless bloatware we have to root in order to get rid of, and tons of crap that viciously kills our battery- which in the end isn’t what any consumer wants or asks for. So the ball then goes to service providers to be competitive in their contracts. Each Verizon, ATT, T-Mobil, Sprint, etc are all offering a contract buy out, unlimited talk and text, better service, flexible data plans, and your not walking out of their store without spending over $100 a month. Thus begins the contract war.

Each cell phone cost about $50-$150 to make and were getting the bill of about $600. (Trust me you still get the bill even when all your company asks is a $100 deposit and the phone is ‘Free’). I propose the next major leap forward for Cell phones. A truly revolutionary concept that will ‘Change the way we think about Technology and Innovation’. Stop innovation on adding unnecessary crap, Give us a price rate of about $200 or less with monthly service at the price of a landlines in the 90’s (About $40-$60 TOTAL No Strings Attached). They all pretty much look and do the same thing at this point, there is really no need for a yearly ‘New Model’ for upgrading. Honestly, thats the last frontier for Cell phones, its become just like the hammer.

In Ancient times, most tools were very very expensive. They were so much, only craftsmen who needed them or very wealthy people bought them. There came a time when Hammers became, not so special. Cell phones, laptops, tablets, TV’s etc have come to THAT TIME!! Unless I can find a phone with a camera that can take night shots the way I (my human eye) can see in the dark, The screen doesn’t crack after a year and is covered by my warranty, the charge port doesn’t oxidize and stop charging, AND comes with out so much stuff I have to hack it to remove so my battery lasts more then 8 hours- Truly I’m left unimpressed with upgrading this overly elaborate Walkie Talkie.

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