What is The True Religeon

I am within the mark when i say that all the armies that ever marched, and all the navies that ever built, and all the parliaments that ever sat, and all the kings that ever reigned, put together, have not affected the life of man upon earth as powerfully as has that one solitary life. – James c Hefley
The one that practices a real love for you’re enemy. the one that corrects them when they are wrong, and tries to show them the truth even when they dont want to hear it. The same one that exist today that is the sole reason we no longer throw people into a Colosseum with Lions for public sport. The one that gave birth to the idea of hospitals and orphanages instead of tossing the sick and parent-less into the city dump like unwanted garbage (True story btw), The one that invented the idea of giving to charity freely, not charity as a loan. The true religion is one that gets the most scrutiny from all the religions that seek to do the opposite of these things can be the only TRUE religion – because most religions are like the coal that surrounds a diamond.
Think to yourself what the world was like before Christianity. Human life was cheap and expendable. Slavery was considered by most poor people a blessing, that they would no longer starve to death in the streets. Look today at countries where Christianity is the minority- see how people live.

In India there is still the practice of ‘Untouchables’- people who are left in the streets not allowed to beg or receive charity until they die. You can become one of these untouchables simply by getting fired from a job, your family will abandon you,society will say you are worthless and undeserving of another job. Gay people in India, are either executed in the public square- or they receive a mark on their head so they can not enter any town, essentially cut off from civilization and survive on their own in the jungle. Meanwhile, Hinduism insists on the Western New Age movement they are a religion of Peace, Love and Truth. For some reason these things (and many others) escape the new age crowd.

Oh but lets talk about why cannibalism is no longer prevalent in the world- Yes it was Christians Who went through out the whole world and stopped many native places from eating each other. I remember reading about the history of an island nation called Tonga. Its a very small Island chain in the south pacific. It began as natives farming humans for cannibalism. In the 1800’s missionaries went to Tonga to find the they were surrounded by Cannibals. The missionaries wrote back to the church that they were showing the people how to farm so they can stop cannibalism and needed supplies and more bibles to teach the natives how to read. Soon the missionaries stoped writing back, the church thought the cannibals ate them- indeed they did eat the missionaries. 50 years later another group of missionaries came back to the island thinking they were going to a death trap. To their surprise the natives were farming now, discussing the bible with each other, they even had a hut set up as a church on Sundays. For what ever reason the natives ate the first group, their work was not in vain- Tonga today is still a christian country thanks to them. Praise be to God!!!

I could point to the middle east, yet I think it should be self explanatory. I could point to the Mayans who called Human Sacrifice a holy thing. I could point to ancient Egyptians, who’s god was Pharaoh (a mortal man) and built his kingdom on the backs of slaves. I can point to even Atheist whom reinvented the idea of humans being worthless wild apes and came up with things like Communism. But of all these we see a common thread- They all call good Evil and evil Good – They all celebrate each others sins and tell us it’s Diversity.
So you ask me what is the true religion, I tell you to take a look around. There is only one Religion that is a diamond amongst coal. The religion that shapes society into good people, who care for one another, that calls Good Good and Evil Evil, unashamed to tell things how they really are. Oh indeed a Christian will yell at you when your doing wrong- but truly out of love. You want to be apart of something greater then yourself? You want to be included in something that has revolutionized the world? You need to become one of the brothers and sisters in Christ.
As the Centuries pass, the evidence is accumulating that, measured by his effect on history, Jesus is the most influential life ever lived on this planet. – Kennith Scott Latourette
So I find myself directing your attention to Why we need Jesus

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