Dream 9/17/14

So I had this dream I was at a college and went to the cafeteria everyday for a mango banana smoothie. One day, I asked the lady at the counter if the school had matches. She suddenly became very weird about it. And gave me some money from the register. She handed me $20 and started taking change from it leaving me with the change. I asked if she had matches for a cigarette and she told me no more smoking by the cafeteria, new rules. She gave me the matches.

Annoyed, I walked over the the edge of campus. The dorm aids/staff were getting together. One of them was fired over a student smoking by the cafeteria they were not there to stop them. They were saying to themselves how they need to look out for each others jobs from this woman named Lindy. I sat by the bleachers with them until a red headed woman came out with a mega phone. There were nervous looking people in the crowd presumably new students, they looked Muslim. The lady with the megaphone shouted. “I would like to thank all of you for coming. You know the bible tells us Muslims are evil. Sometimes religion makes us sad does’nt it”… Presumably this was Lindy, I thought ok alright thats a weird way to start to public announcement, but I saw the Muslim girl beside me how tense she was, something told me to shout “I dont feel sad about it, Allah is Satan!!!” The lady with the megaphone continued”Sometimes Relgion gets in the way of pollitical correctness, and being friends with muslim or even Becoming Muslim” She paused as the crowed looked to each other in confusion.

“But here at this school we dont need to feel sad about it anymore, we’ve taken care of it for you”. The crowd of students looked at each other even more confused. The Muslim girl next to me just looked straight with a blank and indifferent expression. The lady screamed “NOW” and the Muslims pulled out knifes and ran through the crowd of bleachers slaughtering everyone. SHOCKED I couldn’t figure out what was happening at first, until I looked over and one came from behind and sliced my throat with a blue knife, that looked a lot like sapphire.

Interestingly enough While I was asleep Boko Haram did attack a university in the below link, but somehow I dont think this is it. It was distinctly an American University. I was watching the dream not from my own eyes, I was witnessing this through someone else.


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