Tale of 2 Vineyards

There were 2 vineyards One in France Bordeaux region, The other in California Napa Valley. The Vineyard in Bordeaux had tight regulations from the french government, and the farmer used his 12th great grandfathers manual. His family owned the vineyard for nearly 600 years, and the farmer understood the need to keep to tradition. The Vineyard in napa valley was very much opposite. California hardly put any restrictions down, and the farmer just bought the land 3 years ago. He imported dirt from France, renovated everything, Used alot of heavy and very expensive machinery. The farmer in California Boast often to his friends and people coming into to visit his Vineyard:

“California is great for wine because here, we can experiment with new technology, try new grape blends. In France the farmers are completely bound by tradition- there is no room for creativity there.”

The vineyard in France will tell people;

We stay to try and true methods because they work. We still pick the grapes by hand, we regularly taste the wine as it ferments in the cellars, Our Grape blends come to us from recipes 500 years old and we remain the worlds premier Vineyard at an affordable rate.”

The season began and the farmer in California was excited about his new blend of Merlot and Pinot Grigio. He also got a chemical analyzer for his cellars. The farmer tells us “See every time i open these barrels to taste the wine it lets some air in, Now I will implore Science to taste the wine for me as it ferments.” No the farmer doesnt even have to pick the grapes by hand, Hes too worried oil from his skin will distort the taste of the wine, so thats also done by machine. The farmer tells us;

“Ideally we do not want to have to even touch the grapes or even the bottles of wine, I want everything completely sterile- this is all apart of our new Scientifically inspired way of making wine.”

Meanwhile in France the farmer picks the grapes throughout the season to taste. He tells us: “I can tell by the taste if the grapes need more or less water, also the texture of it tells me about fertilizer. I have to be hands on, if the grapes are no good then my wine will be no good.”

Average California Wine Cellar

The growing season ended- there came the time to ferment. The farmer in California took a group of tourists into his cellar he told them. “These big steel drums are where the wine is fermenting, We will only have to ferment them 2 months, then we will bottle them and they will complete their fermenting in the bottle on their own. It will take another month to be on the truck and in the warehouses. By the time they reach the consumer they will be ready.” He goes on; “The steel is more efficient its climate control in itself, completely light proof and temperature proof.” This year the farmer also plans on using rubber corks, they are newer

Average French Wine Cellar
Average French Wine Cellar

and somewhat cheaper. Meanwhile, the farmer in France still uses oak barrels. Tours are not allowed into the cellars, only the workers. Everyday 1200 wooden barrels have to be spun by hand. Twice a week a barrel is picked at random to be tasted on its progress. The farmer ferments his wine in barrels for 6 months before bottling, and refuses to use any cork except the old fashion cork. The farmer tells us This is the tradition passed onto him from his great grandfather.

The time came for an annual wine tasting for wine traders in New York City. The famous wine broker Vincent Merlot wanted to find the best wine to buy for his company. He was enthusiastic about both California and French wine this year. Vincent was a very seasoned wine taster, He could taste whether it was sunny that day, to the color of the farmers socks. He was well known in the wine industry as the most important opinion and authority on all things wine- not only was he an expert, but he had the money to buy out an entire vineyards inventory with one order.

New York City is the largest wine tasting center for wine Brokers. They Choose NY because its central to both Europe and Most American Wine Country.
New York City is the largest wine tasting center for wine Brokers. They Choose NY because its central to both Europe and Most American Wine Country.

The farmers were very nervous, Vincents bad opinion of them could mean no one would want to buy their wine again. He went through the tables of wine tasting each glass carefully, everything he said about it was written down by his assistant. He came to the California farmer table. “I dont like the blend, its a bit too fresh kind of harsh taste.”

The California farmer jaw dropped, suddenly the whole room of vineyards and wine brokers were looking at him. His career may very well be over at this point, and every stare from across the room was telling him to pack up and re-brand his farm.

Vincent then came to the French farmer. “This is incredible, perfect smell and taste. I will buy out your whole inventory.” Just like that, the French farmer got his wine into the American market for the first time. The details would be discussed later. However, the california farmer came over to the french farmer. “I have invested 3 million dollars into my farm and product. I have machines, steel vats, I imported dirt from France even.” the farmer broke down in tears as he continued “I have put forth the best effort to try new methods and new blends, Why- How can yours be so great?”

The French farmer told the Californian, “All of my barrels are older then your whole country, but that does not matter. My recipes and practices come from Tradition. My country has regulations on wine that force us to keep to tradition, and so we have the best in the world.” The Californian ask “But what about creativity, do you not ever experiment?”

“France experimented with wine 900 years ago, we have finished experimenting 700 years ago. Why do we need to experiment now? All of our methods have been passed down from generation to generation, most are public information- you can read for yourself.”


So the parable is this, Gods word came to us 2000+ years ago and from generation to generation Christian traditions have been time tested. Today we live in much a world as the Californian Grape farmer where there are New Morals, New Standards of living, Everything must be done according to a scientific method. We must realize 2 things- First Gods word is just as perfect now as it was 2000+ years ago. Second, It is organically tailored to us and our needs and tastes- nothing about gods word needs changing or experimenting because its already been developed, tried and proven true. But God Evolved or needs to Evolve… Listen beloved, that is a lie from the pit of hell, when you have a good thing it does’nt need to change. God himself tells us he does not change at all for our own good.

For I am the Lord, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.– Malachi 3:6

There is another side of this parable. What you see here is true, Californian farmers constantly experiment where the French do not. I for one much prefer French wine, I think many of you would also agree. Consistently, European wine just tastes better and does’nt give me a headache, mostly due to each vineyard keeping to tradition. California wine always has a crasp and harsh taste to it, I’ve yet ever tasted a good Californian wine… Which in itself is a bit of a parable isn’t it.

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