November 30, 2013

I just had a very vivid dream about a volcano. It was morning and I was in a shed when heard a rumble. Suddenly a wave of dirt poured in and demolished all the houses, mine was the only one that the wave of dirt didn’t even touch- but the dirt surrounded the shed i was in. I came out and looked around to see the wooden beams of houses, and trees mixed with black dirt, and surveyed my house. The dirt was shaped like a V on the street, as if it avoided my house on purpose. I walked up to mcdonalds and there were some kids there who were scared and didn’t know what to do or where to go. Soon the mountain started pouring out lava and smoke. I took the smallest girl on my shoulders and told the other kids to come with me. But the kids argued with me, one asked “How can you be so sure the lava wont come to my house”. I replied; ‘I don’t have time for this and neither does he, come with me to my house or stay here’. half of the kids came with me the others wouldn’t go. As soon as I got to the house with the kids the lava was flowing all around. Sure enough the lava followed the same V shape as the dirt. A stream of lightning that was fixed on the ground at the point was blocking it. one of the little kids kept crying because her brother was still at McDonalds. I told her it was too late and he made his choice, and when this is over well go to Disney world.

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