9/11 a personal perspective

     Today there are many families that will mourn the lives lost in that tower, Myself included my aunt was working in the pentagon that day. Well- I mourn that she had to die for all the things to follow. She was very proud of her job, she was very convinced she was serving her country as best she could. Her husband was a secret service agent, whom never remarried. Growing up in Maryland all my family worked for the government in virtually every branch, to each I think the funeral was an eerie reminder of their own jobs and what they risk every day- from secret service, nsa, agriculture dept, NASA, right down to parks and recreation. I think about the kind words the pastor said at her funeral with an empty casket as nothing remanded of her, and the president said he would come but did not. Truth be told, how meaningless these deaths were in so many ways then one.

       Lets see it was about 13 years ago I was in 7th grade during algebra class. Suddenly the teachers assistant Mr. Moore rushed into the room with a tv on a cart. All he said was “weve been attacked, how do I plug this thing into the wall?” (Mr. Moore was about 60 so…) all eyes looked up in disbelief… I was the one who said ‘huh is this a joke?’ He got the tv set up and there it was, smoke in this big skyscraper… I thought to myself this must be some kind of school drill like a fire drill (the school did those all the time, I guess its hard to take them seriously when something actually does happen), I honestly didn’t believe him. I dont think anyone in class did at first either, it just seemed too weird to sink in. Next thing I know every parent showed up, my mom made it a point to get there first, the other kids were going to the cafeteria when I was pulled aside to the parking lot… I think it was about this point I thought this was for real but I told Mr. Moore the kids shouldn’t be in the cafeteria… they are safer spread out from just one spot. I learned this on xena , of course it had to be true, grown ups never listen but it did’nt matter… Anyway, for almost 2 weeks I wasn’t allowed outside because NSA found out the terrorists that bombed the building were living in the econo lodge literal a 1/2 mile down rt 1 from my house in Laurel, md.. mom didn’t even want me going to school. During that 2 weeks I had to sit there and watch the news.. no one knew anything and every report was just talking about how they didn’t know anything… When president bush announced all the details it just created an uproar. The blood thirst for Muslims went rampant almost everywhere. Of course, we were attacked and pisst!! But there was a Muslim girl at my school very nice girl actually that never came back much longer after that. But before she left she told a hall of bullies surrounding her ready to beat her up; “I know why you’re upset at me and its ok I wont say one word in anger or throw a punch because you have every right to be angry at me and all Muslims for this. My family came here to escape these people and since we came we have built a buisness here, made many good friends. I love this country I cant help but love this country Id sacrifice everything for it. if beating me up helps you then so be it I take it proudly as an american.” When I think about it now I think that girl had alot of class the way she handled herself in that, not many 7th graders would stop to think about such things to say. Her conviction in what she was saying deterred the bullies from fighting her.

       Ever since I have been very disappointed with media coverage of what were doing in the middle east.. its been 13 years to this day and all we have to show for it is 1st dishonoring our troops as hired mercenaries for protecting oil ment to ship over to europe and china, whom we gave 80% of the rights to….2nd setting ourselves up with with NSA spying on our fb and cell phones under executive order from obummer- alienating our good friends in Europe in the process for no reason but ‘data collection’. 3rd I watched gas prices go from $1.50 to $4 in a quick time for what i’m told is somehow magically ‘no reason, nothing is wrong- its normal’. 4th TSA holding up the line at the airport confiscating cologne bottles and toothpaste. 5th more unrest in the middle east and obama even funding groups like Isis and Hamas, which now he wants to get rid of them as of last night? all of a sudden they are terrorist to him? he cant even call them by their real name ISIS? (This whole thing is just too big to get into) 6th I have watched the rise of sensationalist, propagandist, and con artist distorting every information about the middle east (even within respectable news outlets) and creating public distrust so much so we as Americans dont even know whats fact or fiction anymore, nor even care. 7th I’ve seen the constitution tossed around a dragged in the mud in so many ways to justify so many obvious illegal things politics do in what they justify to us as ‘If we have nothing to hide we dont have to worry about it’ or another good line “Were trying to keep the American public safe”. 9th How much more could I really go on?

         And while I sit here trying to think of a good thing that came from 9/11 I really can’t think of one thing particularly useful or productive even in its smallest measurement. We cant even say this day inspired patriotism in Americans, its an absolute lie so many claim. In a word, President Bush was right “If we let terrorist make us afraid then they have won” indeed this is what happened. I think our troops deserve better respect from our leaders then hired mercenaries for foreign sultans interests. I think our friends in Germany and France do not need their phone taped or deserve to be alienated like this, even more so ourselves. I think fellow Americans are smarter then to let our leaders do these ass nine things and stop playing games with the constitution like they seem to like to do lately (yet i have been proven wrong in so many ways). As it is 9/11 is not a reminder of terror to me, its the day we have allowed our leaders to bring America to hell in a hand basket, burning up the constitution for ‘Safety and security’ over barbarians in a desert (To some might as well be imaginary enemies), of which we can annihilate in 2 seconds flat, or simply let them kill themselves. Finally, here we are serving everyone else’s benefit but ourselves- only to get spit on by our own liberal media telling us how selfish people we as Americans are. And yet, I carry a small sense of optimism that people are starting to wake up to it a bit more and more everyday.

       so yeah 9/11 is a day we should never forget because this is what really happened as a result of it, and this is how we as a nation wasted the lives of those who died this day.Truly I believe we have more class and self respect then this as a nation. None of this shameful display happened after D-day why should this happen now?

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