The Science Of Bubbles.

In most cases people think bubbles are great for aesthetics and realy not much more. In fact they provide numerous benifits to the fish, bacteria, plants, and water. When you have a bubble stone it realses thousands or more tiny bubbles about the size of a germ. These microscopic bubbles privide the aquarium with oxygen and carbon dioxide which are the primary gasses in the earths atmosphere. while fish live under water they do still need oxygen. theyre gills are designed to take the oxygen in the water, most fish can actually split hydrogen and oxygen molecules that make up water. With increaseing the oxygen of the water you can prolong the fish’s life and keep it healthier. the carbon dioxide in the tiny bubbles are great for the plants. (In fact for smaller tanks a carbon system can be a bit of an overkill, an air pump with bubble stones are ideal). the plants then take that carbon and turn it into oxygen which of course helps the fish even more. Not only are you doing your fish a favor by introducing bubbles but you are also doing yourself a favor. How many of you enjoy scrubing the sides of your tank for 2 or more hours, only to have algea come back? In tanks that have a higher oxygen content, algea is less likely or will never grow in. algea likes water that is still and full of carbon or other toxic gases.

The big bubbles that you can see you can think of as helicopters. the bacteria that lives in your gravel will very likely get traped in one of those bubbles and will be shot up just above the water line of the tank and will make they’re way down. Why would this matter? well the enire tank is essentially a play ground for bacteria. there’s bacteria in the gravel, bacteria in the filter, bacteria in the water, bacteria in the air above the water, bacteria in the fish and even plants. Before you get the lysol make a note that most of this bacteria is healthy. keep in mind clear water has no life. the bacteria in the air above the water create most of the chemical balences in the water. by haveing bubbles and letting the bacteria in the gravel circulate to the top and back down to the bottom makes it easier for all the bacteria to balance them selves out. Keep in mind the bacteria are living organisms also and require some amount of oxygen or carbon aswell as fish. as for My final analysis of Bubbles is that they will provide your tank with extra water circulation, which is always helps clean up the tank. I have also found bubbles to help break down excess food.

So now that you have a scientific analysis of bubbles what should you consider before getting an air pump? you might want to think of a way to maximize the affects of the bubbles on the tank. the best way is to have two bubble stones. for max bennifits you can put one of those bubble stones infront of the filter whare the water is pouring in. this will increase the micro bubbles a little more and you’ll even see many little bubbles floating around the entire tank. another good way but not as effective is to have the bubble stones on opposite ends of the tank. however you decide to doit, with bubbles you’ll have a completely healthy tank from the molecular level up.

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