Spirit of Judas

From time to time we get hit with this “Holier then thou” type, I cant help it if I have no patience for it. This person will come to you and nit pick every last sin you do, or find evil in you and throw it in your face with prideful self righteousness. Truth be told it’s the spirit of Judas- and he’s alive and well today among us in the church. When ever an atheist comes to you with how hypocritical Christians are, this is usually the same spirit they are referring to- or possibly coming to you with. We need to rebuke that spirit hot and fast, for they bring nothing but destruction. You are not perfect, that’s the whole point of christ’s death. If someone comes to you with this tell them the story of Judas and how he persistently went out of his way to Question others motives in the way they served Christ (Mark 14:3-10), Stole from the money bag of the disciples for himself after ministering the importance of charity (John 12:6), and for a meager sum of money – Turned over the son of god to the Priests and Romans. From what we can see of Judas in the bible its so clear how he works usually by the means of “Thats not biblical, WWJD- thats a lie from the pit of hell which is ware your going keep it up”. Dont be afraid of them or feel bad, tell him “Jesus would flip tables and chase people with a whip for defiling his fathers temple or his word”, “AND he would tell you to leave me alone, I might not be perfect but im doing my thing for him in what I feel is best way for me to do it, or try to do”. I just came across this video randomly today and thought it was interesting, made me think about some people ive met in the church and well… Screw their little inputs Yup im a sinner I know it, I think weve all be judged like this. But if you feel like anointing Christs feet with an expensive oil from an alabaster box instead of giving to charity, it’s not an evil thing Christ knows your intentions and heart for the gesture.


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