Jellyfish: A sting in Evolution

As an incurable fish tank hobbyist I do my homework on care for exotic fish and corals to keep in a tank. Oh I could walk you around so many things, but one thing that stands out alot is the Jellyfish. There is a reason Jellyfish are not found in any pet store. It’s not because it’s endangered, not because it stings people- Its because they require such delegate care a tank just cant provide. Lets talk some specifics: 1. water temperature has to be precise within 72 to 73 in the summer, 65 in the winter but if it falls below 63 it dies. It has to fluctuate gradually in such a way that rhythms with the ocean, you cant just turn down furnace or well it dies. 2. Nitrogen, ammonia, oxygen levels and so many other chemicals- This gets very advanced very quick, but in summary the levels also have to change in such a rhythm, within very specific parameters, that is impossible (or very hard) to duplicate, or well it dies. 3. food- Jellyfish eat plankton, too much will suffocate it and actually rip the membrane, or too little will starve it- either way it dies without just the right amount. 4, The easiest way to kill your pet jellyfish is the way the water has to flow- You cant just stick it in with a standard filter or it gets sucked up and well dies. There cant be any sharp corners or it gets caught and rips then dies. the current cant be too strong or too light or it dies…. It should be clear to see by now its extremely easy to kill a jellyfish. Aquarium hobbyist all over the world have tried many many things to keep jellyfish, and the biggest success ended up with keeping them for about 6 months untill well they died. This success was due by the hobbyist doing ALOT of research in how jellyfish live in the wild, their life cycles, water changes, seasons, plankton migration, etc… He managed to duplicate all these things in a customized tank and yet the jellyfish in the wild lives about 2-5 years. So what does killing jellyfish have to do with evolution?

Alot, Jellyfish are of the very first forms of life 700 million years ago, according to the scientific model. In all this time Jellyfish have remained the same exactly the same, yet all they do is randomly float around. Also according to the scientific model the earth has undergone extreme changes. It has been burned, Iced over for hundreds of years, Suffered violent volcanic

Darwin said Jellyfish fossils do not exist, or it contradicts his whole theory. Ta Da!!
Darwin said Jellyfish fossils do not exist, or it contradicts his whole theory. Ta Da!!

periods, etc… But here we have our friend the jellyfish, an evolutionary miracle – it would seem its completely exempt from evolutionary theory. Someone once told me even in the ice age there were warm pockets of water that jellyfish could live during the extreme ice ages… But this I learned was a convenient lie, AND if their were such pockets well The jellyfish would not be able to live because of the cold ice water moving into the warm water… (in nature when a cold current comes in swarms of jellyfish die, because they cant tell if its time to mate or time to sleep, this is just how sensitive they really are).

So I have 2 points that makes the jellyfish a testimate to Gods creation.
1. Jellyfish are too sensitive to still be here after 700 million years and so many global changes. They could never survive because they cant even adapt to a fish tank much less the rest of it.
2. Jellyfish have never evolved, which completely contradicts one of the basic ideasof evolution “It either evolves or becomes extinct”.
But there is another point on this that includes the fossil record… One might be tempted to ask, Why are there so many jellyfish fossils? I would think this is obvious. there was this thing on the earth called the great flood. So lets think about the flood a minute.

Have you ever try walking into a pond with out kicking up sand so you can see where you’re stepping… It does’nt happen, the sand and dirt just kicks up no matter how gently you step. Well the bible tells us the Fountains of the earth opened up and swallowed the surface… Imagine how much dirt and sand that kicked up. So our little jellyfish floats over into all this commotion, he gets pulled and dragged by nasty currents, keels over and float down to the bottom. There all the dirt begins to settle on top of the corpse. Then about 5000 years later an atheist comes along with a shovel and says “hey, I found this jellyfish fossil in a rock layer thats 600 million years old!” our friend the atheist does not consider all I’ve told you about jellyfish care, he assumes to himself just as you did jellyfish are pretty insignificant, He assumes the rock layer is whatever age he assumes in his own mind, Hes not really interested in finding the truth as much as assuming a biased opinion on his find. And yet no one can give an exemplary history of how jellyfish are still here. In fact you will find more and more scientific circles completely ignore the jellyfish dilemma within a the accepted scientific model. If you go to learn about jellyfish in evolution the text books suddenly become like coloring books, for the very reason they can not fit into an evolutionary model. All they really say about it is “It lived 700 million years ago, we found it in the rock layer”. But look at other animals, say the insignificant bumble bee- There’s volumes of details how they evolved and survived these changes on earth.

Now in science sure there is things that are reasonably unknown, for the genuine reason its just unknowable. But jellyfish are a very simple creature, while they are so sensitive they don’t have much about them to ponder or debate. we can measure the temp, we can see how nature has its rhythms and how jellyfish react to them, sure they don’t do well in a tank but that is because a tank cant mimic these very specific rhythms. If the scientific model of evolution wants to be correct then it literally has to throw out the books to conform to the jellyfish requirements. If this ever happened, there can be no 200 year periods of ice ages, No millions of years of changing climates, Chemistry has to be thrown out, to a point Physics may even be involved. Things in the ocean have to be fairly consistent for the jellies over long periods of time, which only seems to work in a creationist model.. In my opinion all of creation is a testament to god, and he put a lot of work into jellyfish. Some are very elaborate and gorgeous, some glow in the dark, some can kill things like whales and sharks, some are pretty plain and basic. But all of these require so much love and attention, we as people are just not capable of providing for. As an aquarium hobbyist I can live with not having a jellyfish tank, because they can only live in the natural environment- the environment god made for them 6000 years ago. That very same environment exists today with minimal differences. Should the evolutionary model be correct, then it can only be by the grace of god these things are still with us. And that is why Jellyfish are the biggest wrench in evolution.

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6 thoughts on “Jellyfish: A sting in Evolution”

  1. I loved your comparison. It was a very interesting way of showing that evolution does not work.
    Please, remember that when you are talking about God our Father in heaven, His name should be capitalized. Lower case is disrespectful, and basically refers to gods in general.


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