Easy Health Food Guide

So I was in Developmental Psych class today and the subject came up ‘Infants are not eating healthy’. Naturally all the poor people in the class rebutled “Healthy stuff is just too expensive”. So I told the class no healthy stuff isnt that expensive you just have to know how to shop… And I shop at the same store they go to

My 2 rules for grocery shoping are very simple yet give the best nutrition. It involves looking at the label:

1. If something has more ingredients then you feel like reading put it back and find something else, usually it’s the thing right next to what you just saw. nothing in the store should have more then 4-5 ingredients, depending on what it is.

2. No high Fructose corn syrup. Chances are if you follow #1 Corn syrup is in there anyway. most often you dont need to go past rule #1, but look for it anyway.

In the end you will end up with mostly generic brands. while somethings might be more expensive then others, since I started this my grocery bill went down about $50 a month or so with twice as much food…. There is no excuse for little kids not eating healthy, parents just need to know how to shop. Thats pretty much the biggest secret at the grocery store.

(btw avoid sliced cheese get block cheese)

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