Dream Nov 30, 2013

So i had a dream me Bob and some people went to the amazon rainforest, on a tour. The guide took us to this tree where a note fell into my and some other peoples hand. It said we had to go to the isle of atlantis. So we left brazil and went to that resort in the carribean. We stood in line for awhile and cagated with some people. When we got in we went to the gift shop. The guy took us to the back of the store and out the back door into a garden. There was a lady their that told us we can mix animal genes there. I took a rattle snake, a cobra, and anaconda- put tuem in the machine and out came 9 different snakes. They looked very long. Brown and gold color mix, rattle, and cobra heads. I held on to them by the the tail and walked them around the garden like a dog. One of the snakes told the others to eat me. Suddenly all 9 turned around and started chasing me. I climbed up a tree where one almost bit me. Then a muslim girl came over and the snakes went to her. I told her be careful but she loved them. The snakeswere playing hackie sack with her, kicking the little ball with their tales. I got out of thevtree and the lady asked if she could keep them. I told her sure. Bob wanted to mix a lion with a kitten and a hawk, but the machine was broken.


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