Dream March 28, 2014

I had crazy dream. Aaron Tillery was moving in. As soon as he did all these weird people would start coming over. Not aarons fault though, they just came over.

The first Was a guy who had a work truck he would fix on the front lawn. Me and him started talking till one day he came in the house one night broke the fish tank, cleaned it up, and went into the little room. He kept shouting he wanted to kill himself. I woke up and went in. He told me call a psychward and send him there. When i went to drive him he had this weird look in his eye amd scampered out of the house. Never coming back.

The second person was a girl. She was 1940’s type girl her father worked at the facrory she said as she just walks in. She told me she was borrowing the car to drive to work. I told her oh no youre not its my car and while at it get out of my house. And she got really mad and started driving it around the whole city really fast. It was so fast the news report showed her. So i got in a car and followed after her. I drove up to car window and told her to stop. She pulled over. And in 1940’s style battered her eyes at me and said. Oh jessie you just made me so mad i could scream, but ya do care you do- chaseing after me to save me from my foolish woman anger… she kept smiling and bating her eyes. “Marry me jessie marry me” she said as she melted in my arms and puckerd her lips. So i said: “i outa wring your neck steeling my car and almost wrecking it you know it was on the news, putting my car in danger like that, you think i came out their chaseing you down like that to save you?. Youre not moving anyware im calling the cops for grand theft auto.” So i grabed her by the ear and pulled her into house and put her in the broom closet. Aaron came down and just said hey whats up when he left to go somewhere. The police came over and took the girl away.

The third group of people that came over was a party of college kids. I came home and their was this massive party in the house i walk in and could barely move through the foyer. So i said oh hell no and unpluged the music and screamed ‘Parties Over Everyone Get The FuckOut Of my house right now!!!! As people were leaving there were some people who didnt wanna go. The first was a lady who pretended she was deaf. I took her by the collar and walked her, slamed the door in her face. The next was a guy who thought he was a ‘Pimp’. I couldnt get him but got his 2 girlfriends by the hoop earrings. One girl said Yo you cqnt do me like this im from philedelphia we fight hard. I told her: well im From Bmore we dont waiste time and just shoot you ass, come back and threaten me when you got a glock.

Then i go afer their pimp guy. I grabed him by the neck and escorted him to the door. He told me i was a racist and biggot. I said now its easy for people to be a biggot to the one whos a discredit to their race. I tossed him out while his girl friends were screaming at me through the screen door.

Then i get to the next floor one lady couldnt walk or speak. how she got in i had no idea. So i grabed her by the ear lifted her up and walked her down and out. The last lady was a dog lady. She was training her dog and said i could help. I told her i am kicking everyone out so lets go ill drag you out and your dog too just like 6 other people. She didnt wanna go and sent her dog to attack me. I kicked the dog and grabed it by the neck then grabed her by the neck and took them both to the door.

Aaron looked at me and said Omg i tried getting these people out but they wouldnt listen. I told him well as u see u just gotta let them know whos boss. then Bob came in and said yup First they wanna borrow youre driveway, next their eating youre food. And using your car, then there moving in walking all over you. Next thing you know they want you to give them youre house and sign over youre IRA

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