Atlast I found Alasce

My English paper, I love it so much I thought Id want to keep it somewhere. we were supposed to write about a place, then make a poem out of what we wrote:

Hidden on the boarder of Switzerland and Germany, in France, is a region called Alsace. Many never heard of it, but it is like a fairy tale. Beautiful gardens and villages make up the region, but most of all wine. Small streets flow through every town, cobble stone with buildings as old as Europe- Canals and gondolas being the only public transportation. The people live simple day to day lives- most work at a winery. In the summer, the towns are littered with flowers everywhere. The region started with ancient Rome looking to expand their wine production- at the time most of Europe was just a wilderness. Many of the early settlers were Christians looking to escape early church persecution in Rome. Even today the demographics show 100% of the population is still christian, many even keep to the House Church tradition of the early church as written in the book of Acts of the Bible. In the past 2 thousand years, the rest of Europe would have many wars and towns burned or bombed and rebuilt- to be burned or bombed again. However, Alsace has never seen a bomb or riot even during WW2 when all of Europe would end up as rubble. Amazingly as it was directly in the path of Nazi Germany’s march to Paris, it was completely untouched by Hitlers wrath, for reasons he never specified- though the order was to burn all of France along the way. Possibly the most beautiful and undermined area in Europe to see is Alsace in France.

At last I found Alsace!

A hidden gem that is uncondemned,

Where tradition far pass the Nations, a time and place in isolation.

A place where beauty is mixed with dreams, Proof imagination can bend the seams.

The townsmen go to work, at the vineyard by the brook.

The flowers celebrate the good inside, the Roman tradition of love for wine.

My gondola float through a river of serenity, all the while I’m lost in the scenery.

For all my cares could drift astray, in this place so far away.

Let the Devil have the world but here he dare not go,

Heaven had confirmed, for truly this is Gods abode.

The Swiss may have their skis, Paris might have their cheese, Germans may do as they please –

but there is nowhere I’d rather be!


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