America runs on Coffee

Did you know, the NASDAQ currency exchange as we know it, all began from humble coffee shops on wall street? Tontine Coffee House in late 1700’s was the center of all investment trading in New York City. The entire street was very busy with independent DPO Brokers. The founders of national trading came far and wide to sell shares of companies from all over the country. and coffee shops poped up all over the street. this gave birth to IPO trading, which is what we have today, and lasted up until 1919 when the need to put all stocks on a single market was necessary and clearly listed in news papers, as trading became so complicated and busy. NASDAQ completely changed the market in the 70’s/80’s, as trades were much simpler and electronic. even still today Wall street is the center of American economics, and If you ask any broker if he drinks tea you will be kicked out of his office. America always has and still runs on coffee. the barrels in picture 2 is coffee beans btw.

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